Political Communication and Marketing

Professional Certificate in


September 2024 -February 2025 


Title:       Certificate in Political Communication & Marketing


Duration:   6 months

Tuition:       N85,000/$200

Payment options

One-off: N85k/$200

Three Installments: 1st N45k/$100, 2nd N30k /$60, 3rd N20k/$50

Who should attend?  

The program is designed for politically active individuals looking to enhance their skills for public engagement in the ever-expanding political space.

Course Description

Public politics is 80% communication. Without strong political communication knowledge and skills, individuals engaging in public politics will become a liability to themselves and their potential constituents.

Also, participating in public politics requires uncommon dexterity and panache. It demands the application of a mix of skills and strategies to navigate the contours of the political terrain. It also requires the engagement of diverse human resources working from different fronts for the same purpose. The coordination of all of these is a huge task.

Communication & Marketing Studies addresses critical thinking, communicative concepts and skills, and relational and participatory effectiveness in personal, public, and professional spheres. This course will give you the tools needed to dissect your experiences in our communicative world, namely the theory and practice of political communication in Nigeria and around the world.

The success of any democracy depends upon open and direct communication between citizens and those who govern them. Therefore, the main goal of this course is to teach participants about the role of communication in informing, influencing, and legitimizing decisions in domestic politics.

To this end, participants will examine the intersection of politics and communication; specifically, the interaction of media, politicians, and the constituency, thus providing a survey of the field of political communication.

Emphasis will be on political communication and marketing as practiced by the mass media, political candidates, policymakers, and the electorate.

The Political Communication & Marketing Course is designed to deliver maximum impact on all participants who wish to acquire competencies of excellence in the effective management of communication and marketing processes linked to political activities, electoral campaigns, and post-election public engagements.

Course Objectives

After the Course, you should be able to:

  1. Identify and explain key concepts in political communication and apply that knowledge to communicative situations occurring in the public sphere;
  2. Recognize, describe, and demonstrate how political candidates and elected officials employ and are constrained by communication;
  3. Analyze, evaluate, and compare the persuasiveness of political actions,
  4. Deploy social media and the web for political-electoral marketing and communication
  5. Manage press office activities that promote political candidates

Competency-Based Learning

Leadership learning programs, courses, and activities are designed for a broad yet specific range of adult professional students who desire to pursue their careers and professions and be inspired to remain competitive.

Who should attend?  

The program is designed for politically active individuals looking to enhance their skills for public engagement in the ever-expanding political space.

Course Contents

Module 1.    Leadership for politics

  • Political Leadership Competencies – Grooming & Self-esteem validation
  • The BRA Leadership Principle
  • Personal Branding for Political exposure

Module 2.    Public speaking

  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • How to Engage the Audience with Your Message
  • Assertive Communication Skills

Module 3.    Political Marketing via the Web and social media 

  • Web and Social Media campaign planning
  • Using Facebook, X, and LinkedIn,  for political communication
  • Emailing techniques

Module 4.    Political Press Office

  • Strategic Media Relations
  • Setting up the Press Office
  • The planning of activities

Module 5.    Organizing events

  • Choice of the most suitable events to reach objectives
  • Budget definition through the evaluation of economic aspects
  • Practical organization of the event.

Module 6.     Political Fundraising

  • Fundraising techniques and tactics
  • Fundraising patterns

Module 7.    Managing Electoral campaign

  • Candidate and party campaign analyses
  • Leader and political party positioning analyses
  • The thematic campaign
  • Territorial campaign
  • Campaign impact evaluations
  • Election projections and post-election surveys

Program Delivery

The Program will be delivered online and onsite.  


To begin the process, complete the application form. We shall revert to you later.



Upon completion of the program, participants will be awarded a Certificate in Political Communication & Marketing by FLED International Leadership Institute, Abuja – Nigeria.


For inquiries, contact

The Director of Programs

Faculty of Public Leadership & Governance

Plot MF 57 Cadastral Zone, Karu Site, Abuja

Tel:Whatsapp: +234 – 708 015 7176

Email: info@flededu.org


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