Research Centres at Fled Institute 


Apart from offering academic and non-academic leadership training programs, Fled Institute was established to research social, economic, and sustainable development issues, and promote public dialogue on development issues.

To enable the Institute to holistically deliver on its mission, particularly in research and public dialogue, Fled Institute has established Special Purpose Centres for research and the advancement of knowledge. Each of the Centres is headed by a Director.

The following five Centres have been established:


The Centre works to inspire a transformative approach to Public Leadership recruitment and value-based public leadership that delivers greater impact for the public interest.

The Centre identifies and invites qualified leaders from all fields of professional practice for induction into public leadership. 

It promotes Peer Review Processes among Public Leaders and work to mainstream leadership development, as non-academic programs, into tertiary institutions.

The Centre is dedicated to research and interventions that help States in Nigeria to explore new ways to address cross-cutting development challenges through dialogues and collaborative actions.

The Centre promotes research, educational cooperation, and exchange programs among none state actors in Africa.

It brings together experts from national and regional networks of multidisciplinary cream of policymakers, researchers, business leaders, within the country and outside to explore new thinking and practical guidance for collaborative approaches to development challenges.

The Centre gives attention to issues of governance and participation, employment, agriculture, institutional linkages, energy and sustainability, health, and governance in Nigeria and Africa.

It promotes respectful dialogue among ethnic nationalities for development.

It promotes cross-cultural exchanges for peace and reconciliation.

Dr. Austin Nweze Centre Business & Social Entrepreneurship

The Centre promotes entrepreneurial education and the development of social entrepreneurship. 

The Austin Nweze Centre hosts training programs, workshops, seminars, and trade shows to empower small business and promote social entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

It  carries out research in support to MSMEs, Non-governmental Organizations, and the Social Sector. 

It engages in public discourse on the challenges of small businesses and how they contribute to social-economic development of communities.

The Centre for Policy Development provides advisory services to public policy formulators and implementers at the Federal, States, and Local Government Levels. It shall research the impact of public policy on livelihood, business sustainability, social security, and social stability.

This Centre focuses on leadership development for Christian Ministerial leaders; building the capacity of Church workers; researching the impact of the Church activities on society; and promoting inter-ministerial cooperation. 

Expectations from the Centres

The Institute expects that the outcome of the Centres research efforts should be published in accepted formats and made available for public consumption.

Funding of the Centres

Funding of research work and other sundry activities at the Centres shall come from the following sources: Partnerships/collaborations, Cost-recovery Charges on programs (internally generated), Grants-in-aid, and Fled Endowment for Leadership Education. 

For inquiries, please contact

Office of the President/CEO

Fled International Leadership Institute

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