2024 Cohort


It is common knowledge that too many youths are graduating from tertiary institutions today with expectations that cannot be fulfilled. They face exceptionally uncertain future either due to inadequate education or inappropriate education. These young graduates, pushed to frustration, are increasingly engaged in bahaviours of faced with conditions which jeopardize their lives and prospectives for independent productive lives. The situation is precarious.

First, too many young graduates lack the skills and competencies needed for future success in the world of work. As we have found out, of those who want to enter the workforce, many have little understanding of the rules of the workplace, and limited ability to work as members of a team, solve problems or make decisions.

Second, too many fresh graduates lack connection to adult-figures, community, and society. Changes in societal structures, less neighbourhood cohesiveness, and diminishing opportunities for gainful employment have left many young graduates confused and isolated from society.

Finally, too many young graduates engage in behaviors that threaten their future. They are involved in several anti-social behaviours which have tragic consequences, such as heavy alcohol, drug abuse, cultism, yahoo, ritual killings, gangsterism, and much more.

These problems exist, not just because these graduates want to be a problem to themselves and society, but because of an inadequate vision of how to them to maximize their potentials.


Most fresh graduates are often confronted with issues of identity crises, self-worth, and lack of broad-based set of skills needed to function as adult members of society.

NYSC represents one of the last opportunities to access these graduates in groups, intervene in the non-academic human development aspects of their lives, and help them overcome the social and leadership skills deficits they might have.

FGLP seeks to build the individual assets or competencies (knowledge, skills, relationships, values) of these graduates to enable them participate successfully in the world of work and public life.

A set of three guiding principles inform the creation of Fled Graduate Leadership Program.

  1. Society needs to articulate vision for what it wants for its graduate youths.
  2. Youths become mature within communities; therefore, efforts to promote positive youth development must be focused on the overall context that delivers holistic impact on youths, including soft skills.
  3. Youths in partnerships with adult professionals can do a lot to promote positive youth development.

It is clear we want our young graduates to be competent. We also admonish them to be confident, caring, and committed to the broader good of the society. But they can live up to those expectations if we create environment for them to learn and re-learn, by offering them opportunities to develop skills, contribute, belong, form close relationships and safely explore new ideas while avoiding life-threatening risks.

It is a fact that fresh graduates from affluent or low-income, need a mix of services, supports, opportunities, and networks that provide nurturing, standards, and guidance for trying new roles, mastering challenges, and contributing to national development.

Fled Graduate Leadership Program

Societies depend on upon the minds, hearts, and hands of their youth for development. Youth are dependent upon the viability, vitality and protection and attention of their own society to maximize their potential. But young graduates often lack the soft skills and the adult connection they require for support and guidance as they enter the world of work.

It is for this Fled International Leadership Institute created the FLED Graduate Leadership Program – FGLP.

FGLP is a six-months intensive program to impart the lives of participants.

Who is Qualified to Participate?

  • Graduates waiting to enrol for NYSC
  • Serving Youth Corpers
  • Graduates with not more than 12 months post-NYSC

Program Duration: 6 months

Participants will be expected to participate, undertake, gain experience, and exposure through the following opportunities:

  • Undertake leadership training sessions, mentoring support, Job skills training, and other supports.
  • Volunteer and participate in other Fled Programs and events.
  • Receive reference and support for job placements and possible business start-up.

Participation Fee:  FREE

NOTE: There is N5000 Certificate collection fee

Program Completion

At the completion of the program, the candidate will receive a Certificate of Program Completion, which will be an added professional certificate which will help in their future career.  

Program Implementation

Successful applicants will participate in the program, online and onsite, as the case might be.

The Program will start as soon we have sufficient number of registrations.

Location is not a barrier to participation

 To register in the program, click here

Organized by

Foundation for Leadership & Education Development – FLED, an NGO established in 1995 to build the economic and leadership capacities of youths through training, economic empowerment, mentoring, public education, and advocacy.

Certified by

FLED International Leadership Institute, the professional leadership think tank established in 1999.

For inquiries, please contact

Foundation for Leadership & Education Development

Plot MF 57 Cadastral Zone, KMC Street

Karu Site, Abuja

Tel/Whatsapp: +234-708 -015-7176