Do you want to learn how to play golf, but don’t know where and how to start?

Have you ever wanted to join a Golfing Club, but got discouraged because you couldn’t afford Club Registration fees?

If you answered yes, we’ve got you covered!


Welcome to

FLED Golfing Club

It’s often said that “health is wealth”. At FLED, we care a lot about the health and wellbeing of our members and their families.  Playing gold is one of the ways FLED encourages individuals, particularly, leaders to maintain healthy lifestyle.

That is the reason FLED Golfing Club was established by FLED International Leadership Institute.

Why Golf?

The game of Golf promotes critical values expected in transformational leaders. Because FLED Institute trains and groom transformational leaders, golfing becomes values-enhancing activity to us. These values include:

  • Honesty – the quality or state of being truthful; not deceptive.
  • Integrity – strict adherence to a standard of value or conduct; personal honesty
  • Sportsmanship – observing the rules of play and winning or losing with grace.
  • Respect – to feel or show deferential regard for; properly esteem.

By introducing our people to the game of golf, we are also giving them opportunity to integrate those values into their lives as transformational leaders.


Club objective:

  1. To promote healthy lifestyle among our members and staff through golfing.
  2. To popularize the game of golf among our people as a healthy game for all ages
  3. To help those that cannot afford to register in major Golf Clubs, to still enjoy as members of the Club.
  4. To cultivate in our members, as leaders, those intrinsic leadership values associated with golfing.
  5.  To promote rich and rewarding networking opportunities among club members and within the golfing world. 

Benefits of Membership

  1. You have access to different Golf Courses around the country as you play and enjoy regular kitty.
  2. You could participate in local, national and international Golfing competitions.
  3. You have opportunity for training to improve your playing skills.
  4. You enjoy rich networking and relaxation in some of the best Golf Courses around the country.

Membership category

Membership of the Club is open to everyone, FLED Members, Staff and their families – of all ages. 

 Register before April 17, 2023  and enjoy massive benefits.

Adult Member: N65,000

Annual Renewal fee: N40,000

Young Golfer: N30, 000

 Annual Renewal fee: N15, 000


For inquires, contact:

The Club Manager

FLED Golfing Club

FLED International Leadership Institute



Tel: +234-816-168-4262 

Whatsapp: +234-708-015-7176



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