High Impact Leadership

What is High Impact Leadership?

Impact leadership is a leadership approach that focuses on making a positive impact on society, the environment, and the economy, while also achieving business. It involves setting a clear vision, aligning actions with values, and empowering others to create meaningful change.

Impact leaders prioritize:

1. Social responsibility
2. Environmental sustainability
3. Ethical decision-making
4. Innovation and risk-taking
5. Collaboration and stakeholder engagement

By adopting an impact leadership approach, organizations can drive positive change, foster a culture of purpose and accountability, and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future.

Is it possible to have high impact Leaders in Politics?

It is possible, but it is very difficult. The is that many people who access public leadership are not mentally and morally qualified to become public leaders. They lack those key attributes that make for effective public health leadership, but they still want to be leadership, they adopt any imaginable means to access Public office.

This is most pronounced in countries on operating weak democratic Institutions like Nigeria and several other African countries.

At The Joseph Coaching International we partner with Fled International Leadership Institute, Abuja to offer high impact leadership coaching to prepare and support leaders in the public space.

We adopt a systemic approach to creating high impact leadership. That is why we organize the annual Summer Youth Leadership Academy for young people. 

Dr. Joseph Ibekwe


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