Are you a professional woman seeking to deepen your feet into public leadership and retain your voice and identity in the public space? 

Here is a specially packaged program to help you achieve your dream. 

👌 Background 

The 20th century was defined by human rights struggles. The 21st century will be defined by the delivery of equal rights for women in the public space. In all spheres of society, leadership appears to have a certain image: the male image. Perhaps that explains why in his book Leadership is Male (1988), David Pawson posits that “Patriarchal society is a reflection of divine fatherhood”.  However, Joan Martin (1996) in her own book Is Leadership Male? interrogates Pawson’s assertion. The debate is on.

The 21st century is the century of Women’s participation in the public space. The reasons are many. For instance, participation of women in political leadership is so crucial towards the attainment of the UN Social Development Goals – SDGs. Women bring many good things to public leadership. They bring intellect, loyalty, humaneness, managerial and multi-tasking skills to bear on political leadership.

Unfortunately, women have been kept behind in the public leadership for too long. To reverse the trend, it is imperative women take responsibility for their self-development. 

A woman should take her place in public leadership!

❤ Leadership Discovery for Women (LD4W) Program

Leadership Discovery for Women is a special Leadership Certificate Program for women who desire to deepen their feet in public leadership including politics, corporate leadership, public service, business, education, health, Media, etc.

It is an intentional program that engages participants to learn the dynamics, the nuances, the challenges, the ways and means of public leadership and to effectively navigate the terrain without losing their identity and dignity.

✔ LD4W program engages participants in:

  1. Leadership clinics and mentoring sessions
  2. Training in political skills, political campaigns, lobbying skills, funds mobilization, media exposure, building political support base, etc.
  3. Rules of Business leadership & Board governance
  4. The intrigues of media leadership and its implications for women
  5. Understanding Political Party structures and getting involved in party politics.
  6. Gender dynamics in public leadership.

✔ Political Aspect of LD4 Women 

The target of the program is to support the emergence of specific number of women in public leadership, over a 12-year period (2024-2036).


The table below shows our target for women in political leadership in Nigeria by 2035.

2027 2031 2035
a.   A female Vice President

b.  Female State Governors

c.  15 Female Senators

d. 25 House of Representatives

a.   4 Female State


b.   20 Female Senators

c.   45 Female House of Representatives

a.   Female President

b.   8 Female State Governors

c.    25 Female senators

d.   60 Female House of Representatives

Program Participation

The program admits professional women or emerging professional young women, from age 25. Those admitted will be supported to build the competence and networks needed for success in public leadership through social learning.

The Course: The course runs for five months. There is a bi-weekly online Leadership Coaching. Program details will be made available to those that are admitted.

Each admitted student will be issued an admission letter stating terms  for participation and eventual graduation requirements.

✨Tuition fee: N50, 000 ($100) 

50% down payment secures your space. You balance off later.

Course Reading Text

The compulsory reading text book for the course is “The Quest for Political Leadership & Citizens Democracy: How Individuals Become Public Citizens”. The book is available on Amazon. Hard or soft copies of the book can also be sent to students on purchase.


At the successful completion of the course, participants will be issued with Certificate of Proficiency in Public Leadership by FLED International Leadership Institute. They will then be admitted into FLED Alumni ecosystem.

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✔ Leadership Discovery  for Women Course (LD4W) is part of gender-based leadership development programming of   FLED International Leadership Institute.

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