Society is Built on the Foundation of Philosophers and Scientists

Society is Built on the Foundation of Philosophers and Scientists

_3 Ways to Start Your Journey into Public Leadership at FLED Institute_

Every sustainable society is built on the foundation of two sets of people: philosophers and scientists . Any society that neglects or does not pay attention to it’s philosophers and scientists can never experience sustainable growth and socio-economic stability

Interestingly, it public leaders who design and provide the atmosphere for flourishing of philosophers and scientists. Being a public leader is an extremely strategic thing. Incidentally, public Leaders emerge from the polity or public politics. Politics and leadership determine the quality of life of those in society.

As long as the quality of public leaders remain low, the quality of life of majority of the citizens will remain low. Public Leaders that do not recognize the foundational roles of philosophers and scientists, can never develop the nation maximally. Philosophers and scientists and the thinkers. Society is built on the foundation of thoughts, ideals, ideas, and tools. These are in the domain of philosophers and scientists.

Low quality life leads to increased violence, social vices, and general social instability. This is dangerous trajectory, which can only be changed through deliberate leadership education. It cannot be changed by changing government or electing this politician or that politician.

Leadership Education is required to raise the mental consciousness and acuity of those that seek to serve in public leadership. That’s why we strongly recommend you to Fled International Leadership Institute. It’s a place to re-start your journey into becoming a Transformational Public Leader – TPL.

At Fled Institute, we offer three simple routes to get you started.

Option 1:Β  Enrol in any of Professional Public Leadership Courses.
To decide which course to start with, visit hereπŸ‘‡

Option 2: Apply for induction into Public Leadership.

For more information, visit hereπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸŒ±

Apply for Induction @ ACPL

Options 3: Enrol in Public Leadership Certification Program.

This prepares you to become a _Certified Public Leader & Consultant,_ cplc

Public Leadership Certification

You could start from any of these routes. Stop bemoaning what public leaders do. Begin to prepare yourself to be part of the change.The door is open. Walk in….

Your community is waiting for you to provide new kind of leadership – the transformational kind.

Your journey starts at Fled International Leadership Institute.

If you have questions, please contact: +234-7080157176

~ Dr. Joseph C. Ibekwe
Fled Institute, Abuja

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