Our Mission

To become Africa’s premium Postgraduate leadership University that nurtures holistically transformed public leaders, combining online with face-to-face instruction.

Vision Statement

A world-class institution graduating public leaders for the transformation of Africa’s public and private sector institutions.

Our Purpose 

FLED International University is established to offer a unique, dynamic, affordable, holistic high quality leadership education to professionals in the public and private sectors and who must also study to obtain advanced certification in public leadership.

University Mandate

  1. To provide post-graduate leadership education to adult professionals in Africa through facilitated learning;
  2. To become Africa’s centre of excellence in postgraduate leadership education and research on governance;
  3. To maintain mutual contacts with global university brands for sharing of Faculty, curriculum, exchange programs, research and interchange of cultural, political and economic ideas for development purposes;
  4. To become a reference institution for the training of private and Public Servants in Africa on leadership and Governance.