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FLED Institute provides integrated Academic and non academic programs that enhance intellectual scholarship, leadership competence, spiritual and emotional intelligence leading to the emergence of transformational leaders. We provide non-conventional, but industry-relevant curriculum for post-graduate students who seek to further their career and learn sustainable approaches to solving real-life problems.

Academic Programs.

  1. Executive Professional Programs (EPP)
  2. Emerging Leaders Programs (ELP)

Executive Professional Programs (EPP)

The Institute’s Executive Programs are designed for executives and senior professionals in public and private sectors already in positions of strategic responsibility in their organizations where they are expected to provide vision, lead a team, and drive change. The programs are structured to be flexible so that candidates can study while maintaining their jobs. There are scheduled interactive sessions at our different Campuses and designated study Centers, during which candidates present their research papers and participate in group events prior to graduation.

Some courses in EP include

  1. Post-Graduate Certificate in Transformative Leadership (TL)
  2. Post-Graduate Certificate in Statecraft, Governance & Strategic Leadership (SGSL)
  3. Professional Certificate in Gender and Transformative Leadership (GTL)
  4. Professional Certificate in Leadership for Politics & Public Governance
  5. Professional Certificate in Community Leadership & Public Governance (CLPG)
  6. Professional Certificate in Conflict Transformation & Peace Building (CTP)
  7. Professional Certificate in Public Policy Design & Implementation
  8. Professional Certificate in Kingdom Politics & Governance (KPG)
  9. Advanced Professional Certificate in Ministerial Leadership & Social Impact (MLS)

Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

The Emerging Leaders Programs are designed to broaden the visionary capacity of emerging leaders – men and women – to prepare them for public leadership roles. 

Current Courses in the ELP include

  1.  Certificate Global Citizenship & Leadership (GCL)
  2. Certificate in Leadership for Politics & Public Governance (LPG)
  3.  Certificate in Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership (BEL)
  4.  Certificate Ministerial Leadership & Social Impact (MLS)
1 Master Classes 1-6 weeks
2 Certificate Programs for Emerging Leaders 3- 6months
3 Professional Certificate Programs 3-6 Months
4 Post-graduate Diploma Programs 9-12 Months
5 Master’s Degree Programs 12-18 months
6 PhD Programs 24-23 months

Programs Component

All Academic programs with exception of Master Classes, have the same component. These include:

Course work   50%

Research/Seminar Presentation  10%

Mentoring Engagement 20%

Social Impact project 10%

Field Trip 10%

Total         100%

Minimum Grade for Graduation is 60%

Non-Academic Programs

Non-Academic Programs comprise short courses (2-5 days duration) that could be held as group programs for staff from the same organization or as open Courses.  Groups or organizations may request to have any of the Courses conducted for them on-site or online at their own schedule.  

Some Non-Academic Programs        

  1. Community Leadership for Integrated Rural Development
  2. Effective Classroom Mgt for Academic Enhancement
  3. Effective School-Based Leadership for School Administrators & Principals
  4. Report Writing & Minute Taking for Secretaries & Personal Assistants                              
  5. Effective Communications for Conflict Mgt & Mediation
  6. Effective Writing for Career Excellence in the Public Service
  7. Advanced Presentations & Public Speaking  
  8. Strategic Planning for Organizational Development
  9. Leadership Skills Enhancement Course (LESEC)


Admissions into Academic programs are available here.  A person must possess a minimum of tertiary education in any discipline to be admitted into the Institute’s Academic programs.

FLED Faculty

The Institute delivers its programs through a distinguished multi-disciplinary team of Resident, Visiting Faculty, and Associate Faculty members, each with leadership experience in business, public service, corporate governance, and academia.

Appointment into Faculty is at the discretion of the Institute and is based on fulfilling established criteria. Click here for details: FACULTY


For inquiries, please contact

The Dean of Programs

FLED International Leadership Institute

KMC Hotel, KMC Street, Karu Site, Abuja

Tel: +234 – 708 015 7176

Email: dean@flededu.org

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