Invitation to Fled Endowment Fund 

Dear supporter,

My name is Rev. Dr. Joseph Chinenyeze Ibekwe.  I am the visioner bearer at Fled.

On behalf of the Boards of Fled, I want to introduce you to the Fled ecosystem and invite you to place an endowment with us.

Fled is a social enterprise initiative that started in 1995.

 We carry out our corporate mandate through different organizational platforms, which include the following.

Foundation for Leadership & Education Development – FLED This is an NGO established in 1995 to promote value-based, skills focused, educational and entrepreneurial development programs for youths to enable them participate in development processes.

Fled International Leadership Institute is a charitable educational institution established in 1999 to promote the principle of transformational leadership, which it does through leadership Induction, certification, and training programs.

The Proposed Fled International University is a postgraduate open university with focus on leadership education.  

Fled Endowment Fund

For nearly three decades, we have devoted ourselves to building the human capital of individuals for self-reliance and prepare them to participate in the public space. Education is our channel of engagement. As you know, education is expensive, yet education is supposed to be a social enterprise.

To enable us continue to provide educational services to those that need them on a long-term sustainable basis, we have initiated Fled Endowment Fund.

FLED Endowment is a Quasi-Endowment Fund that is not legally restricted to exist permanently, which means the principal of the endowment is allowed to be spent at some point.

The use of funds will be determined by the governing board of Fled, instead of the donors.

The usage and withdrawal of the fund will be by the board on specific needs identified per time or as may be specified by donors. 


  • You will make it possible for full take off of Fled International University by last quarter of 2025.
  • You will become part of Fled ecosystem forever, as you establish a legacy that is transferable to your family.
  • You will make it possible for qualified candidates who can’t afford program fees to receive full or partial scholarships to attend programs at the Institute or the University.
  • A Program or Professional Chair could be named after you or your organization at Fled Institute or in the University.
  • A Physical Infrastructures could be named after you or your organization at Fled Institute or the University.

Endowment Donation Options

Choose a category to make your Endowment Pledge.

Endowment pledge is redeemable at once or over a period of 12 months.


Gold: N500k/$700

Benefit: Your name will be listed in the Institute’s or the University’s annals as an endower.

Diamond: N1.5m/$1,875

Benefit: You become an Honourary Visitor to Fled Institute and Fled University and enjoy the benefits of a Visitor. 

Platinum: N2m/$2,500

Benefit:  A Program at the University could be named after you. You could recommend someone for admission into the  Institute or the University with a rebate. 

Corporate Endowment 

Gold: N5m/$8000 

Benefit: The name of your company/organization will be listed in the Institute/University annals.

Diamond: N8/$15,000 

Benefit: Qualified staff of your organization could be admitted to run their programs at rebates. A Program in the University could be named after your organization.

Platinum: N10m/$20,000

Benefit:  The name of your organization will be engraved in one of the Institute’s or University’s Structures. Qualified staff of your organization will be admitted to run their programs at rebates.

CLICK to fill the Endowment FORM

You could make direct transfer to this account:

Foundation for Leadership & Education Development

Naira: 2242038028.

USD$: 2243061852.

Ecobank Ltd.

Description: Endowment

Or via our Online Platform 

For more information about the University timeline, click here


Thank you so much.

Rev. Dr. Joseph C. Ibekwe, FSGS



If you require more information, please contact

FLED Group

Plot MF 57 Cadastral Zone

KMC Street, Karu Site

Abuja – Nigeria


Tel/WhatsApp: +234-708 015 7176


Welcome to you to our ecosystem