Gender and Transformative Leadership

Postgraduate Certificate in


February – October 2024


Title: Postgraduate Certificate in Gender & Transformative Leadership (GTL)


Duration:  9 Months (2-semester course)

Cost:  N185, 000/$220

Cost covers: Tuition & Course materials.

 Payment in instalments are accepted   

 Who should apply?

Individuals with a minimum of First degree or HND, working in private enterprises; Government Ministries; NGO & media, and others interested in expanding their knowledge in gender and leadership, are encouraged to apply. 


The 20th century was defined by human rights struggles. The 21st century will be defined by the delivery of equal rights for women and men in the public space. In all spheres of society, leadership appears to have a certain image: the male image. Perhaps that explains why in his book Leadership is Male (1988), David Pawson posits that “Patriarchal society is a reflection of divine fatherhood”.  However, Joan Martin (1996) in her own book Is Leadership Male? interrogates Pawson’s assertion. With the growing convergence of leadership and gender in global development discourses, it has become imperative that we bridge knowledge and expand understanding on this important area of development.

Program Goal

The Goal of Gender & Transformative Leadership Course is to build a critical mass of informed professionals in the field of gender and transformative leadership in Africa.


  1. To reinforce the convergence of leadership and gender as key development concepts.
  2. To explore cultural, political and economic barriers to gender equity and women’s advancement in politics and public life.
  3. To equip participants with knowledge and understanding on leadership and gender dynamics necessary to function as advocates of gender equity in the public space
  4. To strengthen the leadership competence of participants

Program Structure

GTL curriculum is developed by UNESCO in consultation with the National Universities Commission (NUC).  It is designed to run in modules run over a period of nine (9) months.  It is designed to help participants understand gender dynamics in the public space and strengthen their leadership competencies to effectively promote gender-balanced leadership everywhere they find themselves in public leadership.

Learning Evaluation

The demonstration of skills and mastery of knowledge in this Course will be assessed according to established criteria.

Assessment Criteria

A variety of techniques will be used to assess knowledge and skills acquired by the participants during the course. These will include self-assessment tests, pre-tests, post-tests, and levels of engagement in the entire course. The Course will be assessed based on the following five key components:

  1. Theoretical Course work – Candidates are required to attend physical/online classes as the case might be.
  2. Concepts Study/Seminar Presentation – Candidates are required to conduct in-depth study of a chosen topics, and make presentation on it for assessment.
  3. Mentoring Engagement – Candidates are engaged in practical mentorship assignment for a period of 2 months as part of the program
  4. Social Impact Project – The Class is expected to organize and implement a social impact project that demonstrates their commitment to social responsibility. 
  5. Field Study Tour – The Class is expected to undertake a local/foreign trip as part of the program.            

Sample  Courses

Concepts in Gender

Introduction to Gender Analysis

Gender Mainstreaming

Gender Programming

Personal Leadership Competencies

Concepts & Theories of Leadership

Understanding Transformational Leadership                                     

Communication Skills for Effective leadership                                   

Organizational Team Leadership

Political Skills for Effective Leadership

Understanding Social Entrepreneurship

Starting Social Change through Social Entrepreneurship                

Good Governance and Ethical Leadership

Understanding The Policy Processes

Eliminating Gender-based Violence and Enhancing Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights

Mentoring, Coaching, Peer and Inter-Generational Support

 Seminar Paper     

Program Delivery

The Program will be delivered online and on onsite, one weekend in a month, at our Study Centres in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt. More Centres are opening and will be made available in due course. Classes also hold online at self-paced rate for all students.


Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Gender & Transformative Leadership from FLED International Leadership Institute, Abuja – Nigeria.

TO REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE, CLICK HERE                                                            

For more information, please contact

The Director of Programs

Faculty of Education & Development Studies

FLED International Leadership Institute

Plot MF 57 Cadastral Zone, Karu Site, Abuja

Tel/WhatsApp: +234-708 015 7176



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