Educational Leadership Program

Postgraduate Certificate in


September 2023 – May 2024

Title: Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Leadership

Course Duration: 9 months  (Online & Onsite)

Tuition: N95, 000/US$150

Installment Payments available

Target: School Administrators, Head teachers, Principals, Senior Teachers in Primary and Secondary Education levels.            


The demands of 21st century life and work call for educational leaders with a deep understanding of how students learn and at what levels they need to learn. Our schools must have leaders who can provide teachers with the leadership and support they need to help students gain the skills and knowledge, now identified as important for success in a “flat” world of uncertainty and constant change. Consequently, there is need to grow learner-centered school leaders who know how to create a professional environment where all the adults in the school are constantly improving their own skills and knowledge, and helping and challenging each other to serve the particular needs of every learner.

FLED International Leadership Institute in collaboration with FLED International University now offers a Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Leadership (PGEL). The course is designed to empower new school leaders at the Primary and Secondary Education levels who:

  • Understand which school and classroom practices improve students’ achievement
  • Know how to work with teachers to bring about positive change
  • Support teachers in carrying out instructional practices that help all students succeed

PGEL draws from the need to shift educational leadership standards away from traditional pre-occupation with school management, and put the highest priority on results for students, resource mobilization and management. It lays strong emphasis on the developing personal leadership competencies of participants while exposing them to emerging intricacies of educational leadership.

Sample Courses

  1. The concepts & theories of leadership
  2. Personal Leadership Competencies                                                              
  3. Contextualizing educational Leadership
  4. Educating the 21st Century Students
  5. Effective leadership and students’ achievement
  6. The Ecology of Public Leadership
  7. Distributed leadership in the Education Sector
  8. Public Education and Private Education
  9. Creating School culture that enhance Student’s achievement
  10. Creating and Implementing Whole-School Mentoring Programme  
  11. Public Speaking                                                      
  12. Seminar Paper      

Program Delivery

The Program will be delivered online and on onsite, one weekend in a month, at our  Study Centres in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt. More Centres are opening and will be made available in due course. Classes also hold online at self-paced rate for all students. 

Course Certification

Participants that successful complete the theoretical and practical aspects are issued with a Post-Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership from FLED International Leadership Institute.

It is expected that candidates that score high in the final grading could be qualified to enroll in Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Management, in the future.  


For inquiries, please contact:

The Dean

Faculty of Education & Development Studies                                               

Plot MF57 Cadastral Zone 

KMC Street, Karu Site, Abuja.

Tel:  +234 -816-168-4262

Whatsapp: + 234-708-015-7176.


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