Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership 

Advanced Certificate in

Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership 

An integrated curriculum that builds the capacity of emerging entrepreneurs


Title:        Advanced Certificate in Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership

CODE:                  AC-BEL

Duration:             6 Months

Tuition:                N120,000/$200

Payment options

One-off: N120k/$200

Three Installments: 1st N60k/$100, 2nd N40k /$60, 3rd N30k/$50

Who Should Apply

Those thinking of starting new businesses; existing small and medium-sized business owners who scale up and leverage on technology to expand their market.


Starting and running small businesses in the 21st century is complicated and technology-driven. Aspiring entrepreneurs must understand the emerging trends as well as be equipped with requisite entrepreneurial leadership competencies to drive new businesses for profit, wealth creation and social impact. Training and mentorship are key unlocking the hidden potentials of emerging entrepreneurial.

The Advanced Certificate Course in Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership – BEL – is a hands-on course that takes participants through the process of identifying profitable businesses, leveraging on personal and external resources to start and sustain a business. Participants develop their Business Plans and are provided mentorship support.

Advanced Certificate Course in Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership – BEL – is an integrated course curriculum that broadens the perspective of participants about the concept of entrepreneurship and takes them into the world of leadership as wealth creators and influencer.

BEL is an intensively practical course. It is expected that the understanding gained, skills acquired, and values imbibed during this course will contribute to participant’s long-term business success and leadership experience. The expectation is that at the end, participants will be better equipped to start and run profitable businesses of their own.                                                                     

Course Purpose

To expose participants to business and entrepreneurial competencies requisite for starting and running profitable micro, small and medium enterprises.


To help emerging entrepreneurs to create generational businesses, create wealth, and become leaders in the public space.

Course Objectives

The Course is designed to help participants to:

Become comfortable with idea of being Entrepreneurs
Make the connection between Entrepreneurship & Leadership
Build Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies
Identify stages of business development and types of business structuring
Develop Business Plans
Launch new Businesses based on the understanding of the Principle of Human Ecosystem
Brand themselves and their businesses
Sustain business growth through Mentoring & Coaching                                                                    

Course Contents

Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Wealth Creation
Problem-solving & Entrepreneurship
Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PECs)
How to Identify a Business Opportunities
How to develop a Business Plan
Digital Technology for Business Advancement
Business Structuring and Registration Processes
Business Branding and Customer Care
Business Stewardship & Money Management
Mentoring/Coaching for Business Sustainability
Entrepreneurs as Public Policy Influencers
How to structure Business for Generational Sustainability

Modular focus

  • Developing Leadership Mindset for personal Success
  • Developing Entrepreneurial Competencies
  • Developing Your Own Business

Special takeaway

  • Supported to register their new businesses
  • Linked with local and cross -border business opportunities
  • Registered in FLED Multi-purpose Cooperative Ltd for financing support

Course Assessment Criteria

A variety of techniques will be used to assess knowledge and skills acquired by the participants during the course. These will include self-assessment tests, pre-tests, post-tests, and levels of engagement in the entire course. The Course will be assessed based on the following key components:

Theoretical Course work – Candidates are required to via online and physical contacts as the situation arises. The course is delivered through lectures, Questions and Answers, and problem-solving activities.

Assignments: Because BEL is practical-oriented, a number of assignments will be conducted during class sessions. Participants are expected to complete them and be ready to make presentations if asked to do so during the course.

Business Plan Review – Each Participant is expected to develop a Plan for the Business they intent to run or desire to expand. Business Plans are to be submitted for review to select the best for support.

Examination: There will be a simple examination at the end of the course, which will be graded.

Mentoring Engagement – FLED Institute will provide Business Mentoring/Coaching to those that complete the course and start their own businesses. The Mentoring support is not a compulsory service but available only to those that ask for it. The Business Mentoring/Coaching will last for six months, beginning from the date of end of this course.

Program Delivery

The Program will be delivered online and on onsite, one weekend in a month, at our Study Centres in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt. More Centres are opening and will be made available in due course. Classes also hold online at self-paced rate for all students. 


At the completion of the Course, participants will be issued with a “Advanced Certificate in Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership from FLED International Leadership Institute.

Reading Texts

There are reading texts for the course. The following are compulsory Texts

The Richest Man in Babylon, by George S. Clason
What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret, by Brian Sher
Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Selected Chapters in Book of Proverbs, By King Solomon
Promoting Sustainable Human Development through Mentoring by Joseph C. Ibekwe

MODULE ONE:  Developing Leadership Mindset for personal Success

a.    God! People! Problems! Money!

b.    Definitions of Terms


d.     Entrepreneur’s Self-Assessment Test

e.    Stages of Business Development

f.    Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PECs)

g.      BRA Leadership Principle in Business

MODULE TWO: Developing Entrepreneurial Competencies

a.    Video presentation

b.    Building Self-esteem for Entrepreneurial Success

c.    Business Creation/Start-Up Exercise

d.    Case Study: Introduction to Social Business & Microcredit

e.    Business Structuring & Registration Processes

f.     Business Plan Development

g.     Business Communications Skills

h.    Business Plan Creation

i.     Video Session

MODULE THREE: Developing Your Own Business

a.    Video Session

b.    Business Branding & Customer Care

c.    Business Stewardship & Money Mgt

d.    Digital Technology for Business Advancement

e.    Mentoring & Coaching for Business Sustainability

f.     The Business Financing/Networks

g.    Entrepreneurs as Public Policy Influencers

h.    Business for Generational Sustainability

i.      Presentation of Draft Business Plan


You need your debit card to make payment (Mastercard or any other online debit card). Payment of payment in full or first installment is what permits you to register.  

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For information, please contact

The Director of Programs

Faculty of Business & Entrepreneurship

Plot MF 57 Cadastral Zone, Karu Site, Abuja

Tel: +234-8161684262

Whatsapp: +234 – 708 015 7176


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