Professional Certificate Course in

Public Policy Design & Implementation

An Executive Professional Program


Title: Professional Certificate in Public Policy Design & Implementation (PDI)


Duration: 6 Months

Cost: N185, 000/$400

Cost covers: Tuition and Course materials

Payment Plan:

Initial half payment to secure admission       


In the Public Policy Design & Implementation Program offered by FLED International University you will explore modules that will enable you to understand how social, economic, and political conditions change and how public policies must evolve to meet the needs of a changing society.

The program is a unique integration of the frameworks, processes, communications, implementations, challenges, and evaluation strategies for effective policy making.

Build your capacity to critically engage with public policy and develop insights to enhance your policy expertise and impact, so that you can set up your organization for success, address the most critical and common challenges, and to ultimately ameliorate economic, social, or other public issues.

The PDI program is a balanced mix of theoretical interrogations and pragmatic focus on public policies issues and challenge of development in Africa. Participants will learn to build competencies and understand how to manage diversity as transformative leaders.

The Course has five key components, which:

  1. Theoretical Course work – Candidates are required to attend physical/online classes as the case might be.
  2. Concepts Study/Seminar Presentation – Candidates are required to conduct in-depth study of a chosen topics, and make presentation on it for assessment.
  3. Social Impact Project – The Class is expected to organise and implement a social impact project that demonstrates their commitment to social responsibility. 
  4. Field Study Tour – The Class is expected to undertake a local/foreign trip as part of the program.

Who Is This Program For?

The program is designed for policy influencers looking to enhance expertise and impact in their current role by:

  • Building capacity in contemporary concepts in public policy through real-world case studies and applications.
  • Acquiring skillsets to critically engage with public policy and develop insights to make policy recommendations or decisions.

Program Modules

  • The Public Policy Design & Implementation program will be delivered by FLED faculty who have extensive experience in public policy designs and implementation.

Module 1: Foundations of Public Policy

  • Public Policy: Solutions for Society
  • Public Policy: Solutions for Society
  • Goals and Objectives of Public Policy
  • The Interdisciplinary Nature of Public Policy
  • Case Studies: Understanding Public Policy in the Real World

Module 2: Challenges for Public Policy in the 21st Century

  • Wicked Problems in Public Policy
  • Understanding Policy Solutions
  • Markets, States, and Public Policy

Module 3: Public Policy Processes

  • The Policy Cycle
  • Policy Instruments and Design
  • Policy Change and Transformation

Module 4: Policy Institutions and Actors

  • Institutions
  • Policy Entrepreneurs
  • Politics, Society and Policy

Module 5: Assessing and Evaluating Policies

  • Quantitative Analysis: Regression, Correlation and Statistical Uncertainty
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Impact Evaluation

Module 6: Policy Communication

  • Public Policy Communication
  • Crafting Effective Policy Memos and Briefs
  • Influence and Advocacy

Module 7: Public Policy in the Digital Age

  • Technology, Innovation and Public Policy
  • E-Governance & Smart Cities
  • Strategic Foresight and Futures Thinking

Module 8: Leadership and Ethics for Public Policy Makers

  • Public Sector Leadership
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Ethics and Leadership

Program Highlights

  • Designed for Policy Influencers looking to enhance expertise and impact
  • Integration of policy frameworks, communications, implementations, and evaluation strategies
  • Real-world policy case studies
  • Capstone project: Finding an innovative solution to a real-world problem

What Will This Program Do for You?

  • Formulate public policies by using a design-centred approach while being sensitive to the complex political and societal environment
  •  Evaluate policies using quantitative analysis techniques, impact evaluation and cost-benefit analysis
  •  Analyze challenges and ethics involved in creating public policies, along with the effects of digitalization and technology on policy processes
  •  Build effective policy communications using data, memos and briefs


Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion by FLED International University, Abuja – Nigeria.

For registrations details, please contact

The Dean of  Faculty 

FLED International University

Plot MF 57 Cadastral Zone, Karu Site, Abuja

Tel: +234-708 015 7176