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We are pleased to introduce you to FLED Mentoring ProgramFMP. The Program is designed to provide opportunity for continuing engagement between FLED Institute’s Faculty, Students, the Members, and others who desire to improve their leadership and professional competencies.

The FLED Mentoring Program started in 1999 as an integral part of the one-year Global Citizenship & Leadership Program (GCLP) run by Foundation for Leadership & Education Development – for high school students in Lagos State.  More than 500 mentees and 50 mentors had participated in the program.

FLED Mentorship Program is a deliberate effort of FLED Institute to enhance the personal and professional competencies of emerging leaders in Africa.

Who can apply to be mentored?

Any person between ages 18 and 40 could apply. Women between ages 25 and 45 interested in Business and Politics are especially encouraged to apply and are given special consideration.

 How is it Run?

FLED Mentoring Program runs on Two Legs: The Group Mentoring Classes which holds regularly, and the One-on-One Mentoring Arrangement where mentors and Mentees are matched by the Institute for engagement over a specified period of time, usually between 3 -12 months.

How Are Mentees Selected?

Mentees that desire to participate in the program are to first complete the Application Form. This is followed by a more comprehensive interview to determine suitability of the prospective participant.

Prospective mentees are selected based on clearly identified need.  Each mentee is attached to a Mentor who provides support, encouragement and guidance throughout the mentoring period.

How Do We Select the Mentors?

Only Inducted Members of FLED Institute could serve as Mentors.  Upon special recognition, we also source mentors from around the world to meet specific needs of our mentees.

Mentoring Options

  • Professional Leadership Grooming
  • Politics & Public Governance
  • Academic/Career Advancement
  • Business & Entrepreneurship Development

How are Mentors and Mentees Matched?

Each Mentee enrolls to participate in any of the options above. Then a mentor in that field is identified and matched to them.  Mentees that enroll for a 12-month one-on-one Mentoring are allowed to enroll in maximum of two options, one option per six months.

What Is The Age Limit To Participate In Mentoring?

Prospective mentees must be above 18 years of age and must have completed minimum of Senior Secondary School. 

How Do I Interact With My Mentor If I Can’t See Them?

Mentoring can be conducted face-to-face or online. The choice about how you meet is yours and your mentor’s and depends on availability and location. Our goal is to match you, no matter where you are located, with the most suitable mentor who can help you achieve your professional and career objectives.

What Is The Duration Of The Mentoring?

Monthly Mentoring Classes lasts between 2-3 hours. This could be online or onsite. Mentoring engagements last between 3-12 months. Regularity and duration of each meeting or other exchanges are agreed upon between the Mentor and the Mentee.

What Is The Cost Of This Program?

The current fees are as follows:

  • Three Months – N10, 000 ($20)
  • Six Months – N25, 000 ($50)
  • 12 months – N50, 000 ($100)

Inducted Members of FLED Institute who register for Mentoring Program pay only 50% of the fee.

Mentors are exempted from any fees.


What Role Should A Mentor Play?

A mentor is someone who has experience in the areas that you are uncharted. You will be drawing from their wisdom and ‘experience’. In some cases, Mentors have networks and contacts that can help you in certain areas – but even if they don’t, they will know where to go or how to approach finding the right expert. Mentors are generally very busy individuals and will help guide and support you – but they are not there to ‘do’ things for you. You are responsible for dealing with your matter. A Mentor is someone you can trust with the issues facing you and the difficulties you might find hard to speak with someone else about. They have had experience building a business, leading a team, been in politics, been involved in diverse areas of public life, and so they know what it’s like to do stuff.

Become a Mentor                                                 

If you want to sign up as a Mentor with FLED Institute, we  invite you to:

Click to Sign up Now!

For further information, please contact

KMC Hotel, KMC Street, Karu Site, Abuja.

Tel: +234 (0)708 015 7176

Email: info@flededu.org

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