Admissions Into

Professional Certificate in


An Emerging Leaders Programme 


Political leadership requires a great deal of artistry. Given the complexity of society in the 21st century, aspiring political leaders at any level must learn to deal with these complexities and drive society towards sustainable development and stability. Emerging political leaders must understand the unfolding trends as well as be equipped with requisite political skills to navigate the contours of public leadership in a diverse world.


Leadership for Politics & Public Governance (LPG) is a Professional Leaders Programme designed to broaden the visionary capacity of men and women want who to pursue a long term career in public Politics, and to prepare them for in-depth public leadership roles. This dynamic Course has a balanced mix of theoretical interrogations and pragmatic focus on practical leadership challenges, drawing from past and contemporary global examples. Participants will learn to build personal leadership competencies and understand how to manage diversity as emerging visionary leaders.


The Course has five key components:

  1. Theoretical Course work – Candidates are required to attend all class sessions, take notes and participate actively  .


  1. Concepts Study/Seminar Presentation – Candidates are required to conduct in-depth study of a few concepts, prepare a paper on one topic, and make presentation on it in Class, for assessment


  1. Mentoring Engagement – Candidates are engaged in practical mentorship assignment for a period of 3 months as part of the programme.


  1. Social Impact Project – The Class is expected to organise and implement a social impact project that demonstrates their commitment to social responsibility. This will be carried out through the platform of Fled Institute.


  1. Field Trip (Guided Study Tour) – The Class is expected to undertake a visit to a corporate or governmental Institution within the City as part of study tour.


Course Grading

  1.  Course work                                      50%
  2. Seminar Presentation                       10%
  3. iii. Mentoring Engagement               20%
  4. Social Impact Project                         10%
  5. Field Trip (Guided Study Tour)         10%

Total                                                 100%


Minimum Grade for Graduation is 60%


Course Duration

3 months excluding mentoring attachment


Who Can Apply

This course is strictly for emerging political leaders including Youth leaders of political parties, Legislative Aides, SAs/PA of Senior Political Office holders, leaders of Youth Organisations.

1 The Art of leadership LP 501 6
3 The Art of Public Governance LP 503 3
4 Critical Thinking LP 504 3
5 Introduction to Transformative Leadership LP 502 3
6 Diversity Management in Leadership LP 506 3
7 Leadership Branding LP 402 3
8 Principles of Political Mentorship LP 401 3
9 Social Impact Analysis SA 405 3
10 Concepts Study/Seminar Presentation CS 507 3
11 Mentorship Engagement ME 403 3 months


Course Contents

  1. The Art of leadership LP 501
  • Conceptual definitions
  • Operational definition
  • The Trinity of leadership
  • Self-esteem for leadership excellence
  • Decision-making in leadership
  • Vision Casting
  • Disaggregating leadership interests


  1. The Art of Public Governance LP 503
  • Conceptual definitions
  • Operational definition
  • Understanding Party Politics
  • Differentiating Politics from Governance
  • Elements of Good Governance
  • How leaders operationalise Public Governance


  1. Critical Thinking LP 504
  • Conceptual definitions
  • Operational definition
  • Tools for Critical Thinking


  1. Introduction to Transformative Leadership LP 502
  • Conceptual definitions
  • Operational definition
  • Readings on Transformative Leadership


  1. Diversity Management in Leadership LP 506
  • Conceptual definitions
  • Operational definition
  • Levels of diversity – local, state, regional, national, global
  • Nature of diversity – culture, traditions, beliefs/religion, interests, resources (human & material)
  • Diversity as tool for development
  • How leaders harness diversity for development


  1. Leadership Branding LP 402
  • Conceptual definitions
  • Operational definition
  • Personal branding
  • Image management
  • Media Engagement


  1. Principles of Political Mentorship LP 401
  • Conceptual definitions
  • Operational definition
  • The Why, Dos and Don’ts of Political mentorship
  • Differentiating Political Mentoring from GodFathterism
  • How to Leverage on Mentorship Political Career


  1. Social Impact Analysis SA 405
  •   Conceptual definitions
  •   Operational definition
  •   Integrating Social Impact Analysis in Leadership practice
  •  Social Impact as determinant of leadership effectiveness
  1. Concepts Study/Seminar Presentation CS 507


  1. Mentorship Engagement: Participants will have mentees attached to them or be attached to mentors for a period of 3 months. The Mentorship arrangement will be evaluated by the Institute using our Mentorship Evaluation Template.



Fee Application fee:               N5, 000

Programme Fee                      N65, 000


Fees are inclusive of meals during classes and specified copies of recommended Books and texts. Fees exclude VATs, field trips and mentoring Engagements.


Course Certification

The course is graded and participants that successful complete the theoretical and practical aspects are issued with Professional Certificate in Leadership for Politics & Public Governance.