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  • Have you wondered what it takes to be a great leader?
  • Do you wonder why organizations require you to possess leadership skills, yet the schools you attended did not teach you those skills?
  • Have you lost a job opportunity or promotion because you were scored low on leadership competencies?
  • Have your desired to improve your leadership skills, but can’t seem to find a place to receive proper training?
  • Do you desire to join a continental group of professionals who are committed to improving their skills in transformational leadership?


Leaders make things happen, but we prepare them to do great things! Good leaders are priceless, but good leaders are trained.

Everyone knows good leaders are a gift to society. They create systems that work and improve lives of citizens. Good leaders are a blessing to any organization.

Of course, everyone suffers when leaders under-perform or they don’t lead well. That’s why forward-thinking systems seek to recruit staff and promote their leaders, not only on the basis of technical competencies, but based on leadership capacities.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find such mix of high technical and leadership competencies in one person.

What then does it take to become a good leader? How do we groom organizational and political leaders to become effective transformational leaders?


People usually enroll in school to be trained as lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, pilots, journalists, accountants, nurses, auditors, fire fighters, security personnel, and as professionals of various shades. But who trains these professionals for public leadership?

Which educational institutions train professionals to function as transformational leaders? Not many you can think of!

Yet professionals are expected to offer transformational leadership in their positions of public responsibility. That is where the problem lies – high expectations, but little training!


It’s normal that you receive promotion to higher position in your organization, but that does not make you a leader. Leadership competencies are acquired through training. In today’s fast-moving, emotionally charged world, your professional competence is not enough to guarantee your professional growth.

In fact, without leadership training, you are a liability to the growth, profitability and sustenance of your organization.

The good news is that you don’t have to bemoan your lack of requisite leadership skills or opportunities to improve yourself.


FLED INSTITUTE is established to help you get over this challenge. For more than 20 years, we have trained various professionals in leadership skills and values.

At the Institute, we provide training in leadership, networking opportunities and peer-learning experiences for a multi-disciplinary cream of professionals.

Over the years, we have grown a network of transformational leaders across Africa, who are members of FLED INSTITUTE.

We are pleased to invite you to explore FLED INSTITUTE. It’s a lasting experience.

About FLED Institute                                  

FLED International Leadership Institute (FLED Institute) is a graduate leadership school with the mandate to train leaders and entrepreneurs for Africa’s transformation. FLED Institute was established on August 15, 1999 and incorporated in Nigeria on January 21, 2010 as a private Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee under the Companies and Allied Matters Act CAP 59, Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Institute exists as the training arm of the Incorporated Trustees of Foundation for Leadership & Education Development (FLED) – an NGO founded in 1995 by Joseph Chinenyeze Ibekwe to run on Christian principles and moral values. The Institute is approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and Federal Ministry of Justice.

The Institute engages in comparative study and research on social, political, and economic development issues that contribute to national transformation.  It provides training that build the capacity of leaders to lead and the ability of followers to follow.

Rationale for FLED Institute

Human capital development is central to overall socio-political and economic development in any nation. The driver of development itself is leadership. Visionary, human-interest leadership ensures effective governance. Good governance promotes sustainable development in all societies. Evidence is overwhelming that Sub-Saharan Africa has suffered prolonged under-development due to low quality leadership. We believe that the quest for prosperity, peace, security and sustainable development in Africa rests on her readiness to train, nurture and deploy quality leaders to take charge of public resources for public interest. These leaders and technocrats must be far-sighted, values-driven, creative, ethical and tolerant of human diversities.

Recognizing the urgency to take strategic steps to groom a critical mass of leaders to fast-track sustainable development in Africa, FLED International Leadership Institute was established.

Since 1999, FLED Institute has carved a niche in the area of professional leadership training and institutional development, leveraging on her multidisciplinary team of Faculty. We have provided training for diverse private and public institutions as well as individuals.

Our Mandate

The Institute’s mandate is to create and offer human capacity development curricula that enhance leadership competence and promote the advancement of the principles and practice of transformational leadership.

Specific mandates of the Institute include the following:

To establish Institutes for the promotion of leadership development, public enlightenment, manpower and human development, through facilitated learning;

To organize leadership training programmes, promote recruitment, continuing education and enhance the professional skills development of leaders;

To identify and harness the intellectual potentials of leaders, train and equip them adequately for challenges of leadership for positive accelerated development of the society;

To provide durable feasibility studies, extra-curricular activities and sponsor research leading to the development of transformational leadership;

To organize seminars and conferences on Public Service and Governance in Nigeria, and provide facilities for training and re-training of public servants;

To encourage foreign and local interaction, interchange of cultural, political and economic ideas for development purposes;

To provide all infrastructures, facilities and amenities required to carry out the objectives including classrooms, halls, libraries, workshops, board and lodging facilities, physical fitness facilities, administrative and staff office, and other recreational facilities;

To engage in publication of educational journal, magazines, catalogues and other literary works, undertake printing and lithographing works so as to enhance professional leadership skills development;

To establish contact with other Organizations with similar objectives at home and abroad including tertiary institutions in areas of research and development.

Our Vision (We see)

“A world-class institution graduating transformational leaders and entrepreneurs, with a repertoire of skills and ethical values for Africa’s socio-political transformation”.

As part of our 2009 – 2025 Strategic Development Plan (SDP), we are re-positioning to transform into a full-fledged University by 2025, offering postgraduate degrees in Leadership, Governance and Entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

“To enhance human capital infrastructure through continuing professional leadership and entrepreneurial education, mentorship and research”.

Our mission has three components:

To use leadership and entrepreneurial education to stimulate political and socio-economic transformation.

To use mentoring as a tool to promote responsible followership and build the capacity of individuals to participate in development processes.

To use research to reduce conflict, build peace, and enhance good governance in Nigeria and around the world.

What we do

We nurture leaders to think and to work for a better global society.

Key Leadership focus:

Political & Corporate Leadership.

Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership.

How we do our work

We carry out work through continuing professional leadership education, capacity building, membership induction, mentorship opportunities, and research.

We are ethical and values-driven. We innovate and promote individual creativity. We are flexible in our operations, yet we exist to promote intellectual scholarship, professionalism and excellence in the field of leadership development and practice. We work for people-benefit, which requires us to focus on creating a win-win situation in all engagements with our members, students, clients, constituents and partners.

In our work, we question everything. We reject status quo. We promote a culture of disagreement and debate, and encourage “constructive failures” making us to always think about how to do things better than ever.

Our Fundamental Values

The Institute operates purely on Christian values and ethics. As a knowledge-based christian educational institution, our work is inspired by the principles and values that promote human dignity and development. These include democracy, leadership, entrepreneurship, participation, social justice, prosperity, gender equality, and human rights.

Our Core Values

We are an Institution established on Christian values serving everyone interested in our programmes without discrimination. In the pursuit of our mission, we are guided by the following core values: Knowledge, Professionalism, and Excellence. We are particular about how we treat people, work and partnerships.


We recognize that individuals have intrinsic value and must be treated with dignity and respect.

We are committed to the empowerment of our workers who invest in our mission so that they can grow, find joy in their work, and become transformational leaders and entrepreneurs.

We provide ambiance where tolerance, forgiveness and trust is possible, that everyone is accepted as he/she is, and encouraged to listen and be listened to.


We are courageous in our work requiring us to be creative and different, without fear of failure, in the pursuit of the highest possible impact of our work on our constituents.

We adhere to accountability and transparency which requires us to maintain open communication with all our constituents, while taking responsibility for our actions.


We respect diversities of views and seek partnership with individuals and institutions of similar mission to promote good governance, sustainable development and social impact around the world.

Operational Context

The Institute adopts a professional approach to human capacity development programming that advances transformational leadership, institutional development, and intellectual scholarship through comparative study and research on social, political and economic development issues.

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Tel: +234 708 015 7176

Email: info@flededu.org

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