Kingdom Politics & Governance Course

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Kingdom Politics & Governance (KPG) is an Executive Program designed to raise high quality political leaders from among the cream of Christian faithful. The program is designed to broaden the visionary capacity of potential Christian Politicians to take public politics as a long-term engagement, and to prepare them for in-depth public leadership roles.

The Program has a balanced mix of theoretical interrogations and pragmatic focus on practical leadership challenges, drawing from Scriptural foundations as well as from past and contemporary global leadership examples. Participants will learn to build personal leadership competencies, understand how to manage diversity, and deal with the grey dimensions of political leadership.

Title:   Professional Certificate in Kingdom Politics & Governance


Duration: 6 months  (March – August 2024)

Tuition:  ₦60,000/$75

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Participants will accomplish the following objectives upon completion of the program.

  • Identify the emerging conceptual dynamics of leadership in the 21st century
  • Explain and apply the principles of transformative leadership in public politics
  • Describe the concept of Kingdom Politics and its application in the public space
  • Develop enhanced capacity to engage in Systems Thinking processes
  • Explain how to manage Diversity for sustainable development
  • Be able to conduct Social Impact Analysis and apply the result in development planning and projects.
  • Develop capacity to engage in practical mentorship exercise



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