Admission Requirements

FLED International University is a post-graduate institution. Therefore, any prospective student applying for any program at the University must have completed an approved undergraduate program in a University, Polytechnic or College of education, or any other institution of higher learning from anywhere.

In addition to this basic requirement, other specific admission requirements might be applicable for different programs. The University does not offer undergraduate programs.

Students Uptake/Internationalization

Internationalization is at core of our existence; hence we expect students’ enrolment from all over Africa to study with us.

The University’s Programs are designed to attract students from across Africa and beyond.  FiU creates an entrepreneurial environment for the nurturing of public leaders and foster industry linkages.

Prior to receiving full accreditation from Government authority, the University will continue to offer specialized Postgraduate Certificate Programs, not obtainable at conventional universities. Students enrol at FLED International University primarily because they desire to acquire relevant industry-useful competencies and certifications that enable them to advance their professional practice.

FiU is where…

We democratize knowledge so that you can understand the nature of society, how society works, and how society inter-connects.

We groom you to become a public intellectual who creates knowledge for social progress.

We support you to become a Public Citizen who works with others to revitalize society and establish norms.

We train you to become a transformational leader who works to promote inclusive development.