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FLED International Leadership Institute is a graduate Institution that offers professional education and training in leadership, business and entrepreneurship to different categories of professionals for skills enhancement, competence improvement and values impartation.

FLED Institute was established on August 15, 1999 and incorporated in Nigeria on January 21, 2010 as a Private Company Limited by Guarantee under the Companies and Allied Matters Act CAP 59, Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (RC: 865275). The Institute is approved by the Federal Ministry of Education, Higher Education Division, and operates under the Education (National Minimum Standards and Establishment of Institutions) Act, 2017.

FLED Institute is the training arm of the incorporated Trustees of Foundation for Leadership & Education Development – FLED – a knowledge-based organization established in Nigeria on April 17, 1995 (RC: CAC/IT/21359).

The Institute also engages in comparative study and research on social, political, and economic development issues that contribute to national transformation.  It adopts a faith-based approach to leadership development and programming.

The Institute delivers its programs through a multi-disciplinary team of Faculty, each with leadership experience in business, public service, corporate governance, and academia.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • To teach/facilitate at different training programs organized by the Institute
  • To develop course curricula and participate in the review of the Institute’s training programs.
  • To serve as Mentor to students attending the Institute’s Programs, particularly young people enrolled in the FLED Young Ambassadors Program

Faculty Designation

Approved Resident Faculty – Full-time and taking other responsibilities apart from teaching and students’ assessments.

Approved Visiting Faculty – Part-time and takes on Faculty functions of teaching, Students Assessment and supervision, when called upon to do so.

Non-Approved Faculty – These are Resident or Visiting Faculty that have not under taken FiT Program.

Associate Faculty – Up-start leadership trainers who may serve on full or part-time basis.

Required Faculty Specialisations

While we encourage broad-based knowledge among our faculty, each Certified Faculty member is expected to specialize in a combination of the listed fields. This makes it easy for allocation of teaching roles.

  • Business Strategy
  • Political Communications
  • Public Speaking
  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Communication
  • The Art of Negotiations
  • Networking/How to Network
  • Intercultural Communication and Management
  • Institutional Governance
  • Trade Facilitation
  •  Branding & Merchanding
  • Diversity Management
  • Holistic Resources Management
  • Community Development
  • Political Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution & Peace Building
  • Strategic/Scenario Thinking
  • Social Impact & Sustainability
  • Other topics related to transformational leadership and governance.

Requirements for Faculty

  • University level education with advanced degree in any discipline
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in Teaching/facilitating of Professional Programs lecturer (Associate Faculty, exempted)
  • Must have attended a leadership or Management Course in a recognized Institution
  • Be an Inducted Member or Alumni of FLED Institute.
  • Must have completed FLED Faculty-in-Training Program
  • Good communication skills
  • The ability to design the course by self

Faculty-in-Training Program

To serve as Certified Faculty Member at the Institute, the individual must have completed the

Faculty-in-Training Program – FiT. The training which could be taken in-site or online or offline is designed to acquaint prospective Faculty Members with the operations, values and boundaries of the Institute’s work.  The training also gives attention to the dynamics of leadership facilitation as against management training and conventional teaching models in higher educational institutions.  The Fit Program emphasizes on experience-learning, enquiry, and problem-solving approaches.

Faculty Compensation

While most of the work of the Institute is done on Pro bono, FLED International Leadership Institute also provides a reasonable and competitive compensation, according to the Institute’s Faculty Payment Plan. The Institute’s payment rates are reviewed every two years. FLED Current Faculty Payment Plan is available here. Click to download Payment Plan.

Faculty-Initiated Programs

The Institute encourages her Faculty members to earn as they teach. One of the ways Faculty Members earn is through Faculty-initiated Programs – FiP. This is a situation where a faculty Member uses the Institute’s name to run a program. The Institute promotes the program and issues certificate of participation to attendees, but the Faculty Member who initiated the Program runs it as the Program Director. At the end of the Program, when all the expenses for the program are settled, the Faculty member takes 40 percent of the excess, while the Institute takes 60 percent. In this situation the Faculty Member that initiated the Program does not receive any other honorarium for that particularly program.  

Faculty Tenure

Appointment as a Faculty at FLED Institute is non-tenured, that means, it has no time limit. One can remain a Faculty at the Institute as long he/her continues to meet Faculty evaluation requirements.  A Faculty is at liberty to withdraw from the Institute, provided a minimum of three (3) months notice is given to make for easy transition. The Institute also has the right to disengage a Faculty who does not meet up with Faculty requirements or displays unprofessional or unethical conducts. Such disengagement will be communicated to the affected Faculty in a most respectful manner.

Faculty Evaluation

Faculty members are expected to participate in the Institute’s continuing professional leadership education programs. They are routinely evaluated to ascertain their continuing improvements and contributions toward the realization of the Institutes programmatic objectives, and in line with their terms of engagement. Faculty members are expected to accumulate Credit hours through participation in training/facilitation, mentoring support engagements and participation in curriculum development and review of programs.

Application Procedure  

Based on Personal Recognition, an individual could be invited to join the Faculty through a letter to that effect. Otherwise, Faculty Members are drawn from among Inducted Members and Alumni of the Institute.

We are looking for adept professionals to join our team!


If you are interested in joining our Faculty – please first get inducted as a Member of the Institute. Here is how to become an Inducted Member

For more information, please contact:

FLED International Leadership Institute

KMC Hotel, KMC Street,

Off NNPC Filling Station, Karu Site

Abuja, Nigeria.

Tel: +234-816186242

Whatsapp: +234-708 015 7176

Email: faculty@flededu.org



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