We care enough to stand with you

We are people. We all have issues, challenges and difficulties. None of is complete without others. We are created to support and stand with each other.

Being part of FLED is being part of a BIG family. And the good thing about good families is that everyone looks out for the welfare of each other. 

Being a family means sharing each others joys and pains. It means being there for each other in times of rejoicing, mourning and through the  challenging times of life.

Standing with each other is the key to our survival, our prosperity and of making impact in our world. 

It doesn’t matter at what stage you are in life, you need people. FLED is a BIG family where you have people that care about you .

There are seasons associated with each of our lives. Those times and seasons in our lives require that we have people around us to celebrate and to share.

At FLED, we love to stand with you at such times as




Health challenges,



These are inevitable parts of our lives. We don’t ignore them and we don’t take them for granted.

Because they are part of our lives, we reason that we must prepare for them. We must provide resources that will enable us to stand and support each other at such times.

That is the reason we created FLED Welfare Support. 

What do you do about it?

You can always make voluntary, unscheduled donations into the Welfare purse. We accept free will donations. There is no levy or compulsion to give. We prefer you give because you care. 

If you desire at any time to make donations, please send to this account:

Foundation for Leadership & Education Development – FLED 

Naira account: 2242038028

Dollar Account: 2243061852


Description: Welfare Support.

Your gifts will be acknowledged and deployed effectively to welfare.

FLED is another of your families outside your nuclear family.

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