FLED INSTITUTE is a place for learning, networking, serving and making impact. There are different opportunities for Members of the Institute to serve, to learn, to contribute and to be recognized.

Members must therefore see themselves as stakeholders and co-owners of the Institute. Which means that the success or failure of the Institute depends on each member’s commitment and contribution towards the attainment of the corporate mandate.

Being a member or an Alumni of the Institute is a call to service. Leaders are servants of the people. The Institute provides platforms for members to practice the principle of transformational leadership through service within the Institute.

Members are expected to leverage the Service Teams that exist at the Institute to become purposefully involved in the life of the institute by serving in at least one of the Teams.

In appreciate of Members’ commitment to the Institute, beginning from 2021, the Institute shall be organised Outstanding Members Service Award – OMSA – in two categories, individual and Team – best individuals, best teams for the year.

The Service Teams include, but not limited to the following:

Leadership Master Classes LMC Team 

The Institute holds regular leadership master classes across the country on diverse topical issues. It also serves to introduce potential candidates to the Institute’s programmes, thus giving them opportunity to enroll in any of our programmes. 

LMC Team members are responsible for organizing Leadership Master Classes. The Team is led by a Coordinator.SIGN UP NOW

Foreign Policy Dialogue  – FPD Team

The Foreign Policy Dialogues are a special forum for provocative and lively discussions on global development issues and their implications for Nigeria and Africa. Participants at the Dialogue analyse policy issues, question development paradigms, challenge status quo, set agenda and provide fresh perspectives on emerging issues. 

FPD Team members are responsible for arranging, scheduling and organizing Foreign Policy Dialogues. The Team is led by a Coordinator. JOIN THIS TEAM

FLED Mentoring Programme FMP Team 

The Mentoring Programme provides opportunity for continuing engagement with individuals who desire to improve their leadership and professional competencies, and for members of the Institute. The mentoring programme helps to reinforce lessons learned, values acquired and skills developed through a structured interaction with Faculty members. A member could join this Group and be involved in organizing this program, wherever and whenever.

FMP Team members are responsible for arranging, scheduling and organizing the Institute’s Mentoring Programmes. The Team is led by a Coordinator. JOIN HERE

For details, click here FMP TEAM

Membership & Alumni Care MAC Team

MAC exists to ensure continuing exchange among Members and Alumni of FLED INSTITUTE. The focus is to build understanding and shared concern among the Institute’s Members and Alumni for the transformation of Africa through good governance, which becomes the basis for long-term professional co-operation and friendship. 

MAC Team members are responsible for arranging and providing professional and welfare support to members and Alumni of the Institute. The Team is involved with organising the Annual Outstanding Members Service Award – OMSA. The Team is led by a Coordinator. SIGN UP NOW

For information visit here  MAC Team

 Membership Recruitment & Induction – MRI Team

Recruitment of qualified members into the Institute is a serious and ongoing engagement. It is central to the existence of the Institute because it is one of the ways of attracting leaders to undertake in continuing professional leadership development. Similarly, the Induction of new members requires a great deal of background checks and arrangements.

MRI Team members are for promoting, marketing and attracting and inducting new members into the Institute. The Team is led by a Coordinator. JOIN THIS TEAM

For more on membership,click here Membership

Leadership Discovery for Women – LD4W Team

Building the leadership capacity of women to participate actively in the political and corporate world is an important aspect of the Institute’s mandate. We recognise the moral, vibrancy and intuition women bring to governance whether political, corporate or religious spheres. That is why we set up the Leadership Discovery for Women – LD4W to give special attention to building women’s leadership capacity for governance.

LD4W Team members are responsible for recruiting women into LD4W membership and organising programmes for them. The Team is led by a Coordinator. JOIN US

More information, click here LD4Women 

Political Education Programme – PEP Team

The Institute is strong on the issue of political participation of citizens as part of their civic responsibility. The Institute believes that when individuals receive appropriate political education it will help them become responsible engaged in the life of their communities through political participation. That is why we have strategic engagement plans on Political Education and have created different programmes to deliver service in this area. More information, click here PEP Team

Some of the programmes include:

People & Power Conferences

The Public Citizen

PEP Team members are responsible for organising and animating these programmes. The Team is led by a Coordinator. JOIN PEP

FLED Faculty Team- FF Team

Members of the Institute are also encouraged to sign up to join the Faculty of the Institute.

The FF Team are responsible for driving the academic and non-academic programmes of the Institute.

For requirements of Faculty membership, please click here Faculty



Serving together helps us to achieve more. Locate your own service team and join today.