FLED Institute is very strong on research. That is the reason we have established some centres at the Institute to focus on specific issues of public concern and for the advancement of knowledge.

The following Centres exist:

The Centre for Inter-State Cooperation  -CIC

This is dedicated to research and practical analyses that help States and citizens to explore new ways to address cross-cutting development challenges through dialogues and collaborative actions.

The Centre brings together experts from national networks of multidisciplinary cream of policymakers, researchers, business leaders, and civil society actors to explore new thinking and practical guidance for collaborative approaches to development challenges. CIC gives special attention to issues of governance and participation, employment, agriculture, institutional linkages, energy and sustainability, health and governance.

Centre for Business & Social Entrepreneurship – CBSE

The Centre coordinates FLED Business Group and promotes entrepreneurial education while providing support to MSMEs.  The Centre conducts research on challenges of small business and new market access for businesses.

Centre for Policy Development – CPD

The Centre for Policy Development provides advisory services to public policy formulators and conducts research on the impact of public policy on  livelihood, business sustainability and social security and social stability.

Centre for Christian Ministerial Leadership – CCML

This Centre is responsible for training of Christian leaders for Ministerial assignments; building capacity of Church workers; training in Missions and Church planting; research on the impact of the Church activities on the society; and promoting inter-denominational cooperation. 


The outcome of the Centres research efforts  are made available for public consumption. 

Inquiries, please contact

FLED Institute, Abuja – Nigeria

Tel: +234 708 015 7176