Research Centres at FLED University


FLED University is very strong on research. For that reason, we have established centres to focus on specific issues of public concern and for the advancement of knowledge.

The Centre for Inter-State Cooperation  

The Centre for Inter-State Cooperation – CIP- is dedicated to research and practical analyses that help States and citizens to explore new ways to address cross-cutting development challenges through dialogues and collaborative actions.

The Centre brings together experts from national networks of multidisciplinary cream of policymakers, researchers, business leaders, and civil society actors to explore new thinking and practical guidance for collaborative approaches to development challenges. CIC gives special attention to issues of governance and participation, employment, agriculture, institutional linkages, energy and sustainability, health and governance.

Centre for Business & Industry Linkages

The Centre for Business & Industry Linkages – CBIL – conducts research on challenges of small business and new markets access for businesses. The Centre makes interface with the Productive and Service industry to supply them with skilled manpower, research results ideas to increase their profitability and sustainability.

Centre for Policy Development

The Centre for Policy Development – CPD – provides advisory services to public policy formulators and conducts research on the impact of public policy on economic livelihood, business sustainability, social security and social stability.

Africa Centre

The Africa Centre is a leading think tank and research Centre at FLED International University with the mission to promote policy-oriented research on models of public leadership in Africa, the relevance and impact of Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement – ACFTA – within the vision of Africa economic integration, Intra-African Peace & Conflict Mediation, the arrival of New Investors in Africa as well as comparative studies in these areas. Its core function shall include Research, Policy Advisory service, Trade Mission Facilitation, Training and postgraduate education. Research shall cover four areas of political, economic, social and new media studies.