FLED Membership Pre-Induction Course


We are glad that you completed the Membership Application Form to join the prestigious FLED Institute. We hope you have also paid the requisite fees. These are the first steps to your journey of membership Induction. The next step is to take the Pre-induction Course.

Before the onset of COVID-19, we ran this course onsite. But thereafter, we decided to provide an online version of the Course to help potential members to understand what they are about to start.

To begin the course, please click the green button below to download your Course material. Read every module of the course.


Complete the Personal Statement Assignment

Personal Statement

Please ensure you complete the Personal Statement. Submit your report to email: membership@flededu.org

Once again, we look to having you inducted soonest.


FLED Membership Induction Team

2 thoughts on “Pre-indcution Course”

  1. Thank you for this great initiative that has been making great impact since 1999. It is now time to take to another dimension that will embrace leadership Implementation from community to National level. Thanks

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