8th Annual National

People & Power Conference

Saturday November 12, 2022

Online & Onsite, Abuja



7th Annual National People & Power Conference

December 2, 2021

National Centre for Women Development, Abuja


Conference theme: Party Politics and Citizens Democracy.

The Conference reviewed how party politics in Nigeria is impacting negatively on universally accepted democratic principles. 

Of course, in a democracy, Political parties are part of  public structures used to maintain democratic practices. But political parties become the albatross of democracy, it becomes difficult to run the system according to laid down principles.

In recent times, it does appear citizens no longer determine who leads them through the ballot box, but political parties now impose leaders on the people through convoluted party processes and court rulings.

Meet Our Speakers for 2021

Dr. Gloria Samdi Puldu, Lecturer, University of Jos.

Dr. John Dara, two-time Presidential Contestant – 2011 & 2019 Presidential elections.



Thursday November 5, 2020

A gathering of leaders in business, politics, government, Media, Civil Society and Religious Organisations.

2020 Conference Theme:  Endangered  Democracy in a New World



We live in challenging times. Democratic practices are on the test around the world.  Citizens voices are rising in defiance because of the lock-down following the COVID-19 pandemic, which has created unprecedented upset in the socio-economic life of peoples around the world. People’s fundamental liberties in all democratic and non-democratic societies were suspended for public health concerns. 

 Governments’ around the world took drastic measures for the sake of public safety, even when such measures ran contrary to democratic practices norms. Because the way actions were taken during the lock-down period many in the civil society have expressed fears that the pandemic has ushered world into new order where citizens democratic liberties are subject to whims and caprices of those in executive arm of government. They see democracy as being endangered.

Also, the 2020 US Presidential Elections has opened  new cracks in one of the oldest democracies in the world.

In Nigeria, the recent and on-going #EndSARS protests have rattled the country’s public space and seem to have given birth to a new generation of democratic citizens.

What do we make of these things? 

It is against this backdrop, that we host the 2020 National People & Power Conference.

Our aim is to interrogate these issues from different perspectives, find a balance,  and offer hope for the sustenance of democratic values through citizens engagement.

Therefore, the conference has invited an array of informed speakers to evaluate how lock down measures by governments affected citizens rights to free movement in a democracy, and other issues associated therein.

Meet our Speakers

Mr. Femi Adesina, Special Adviser to the President on Media & Publicity

Dr. Sam Amadi, former Chairman Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission – NERC

Dr. Freedom Onuoha, Senior Lecturer, Dpt of Political Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Dr. Danladi Erisa, CEO, Motherhen Development Foundation, Abuja

Rev. Gideon Para-Mallam, CEO, The Para-Mallam Peace Foundation.

Dr. Olunifesi Suraj, Snr. Lecturer, Dpt of Mass Communication, University of Lagos.

Joseph C. Ibekwe, Conference Host

What is People & Power Conference?

People & Power Conference exist as a non-partisan leadership platform that promotes dialogues on issues of public concern from a multi-dimensional perspective. It’s been held in different cities across the country since 2015. Because of its uncensored interrogation of public issues, it has gained acceptance and credibility among political, business and religious leaders who converge to interact in the spirit of “a different kind of TALK, another way to ACT”

People & Power Conferences are held across State Capitals in Nigeria throughout the year with a specific theme, and then concludes with the national conference on a different theme. P&P is a public service initiative of Fled International Leadership Institute to help individuals to become responsible public citizens in a democracy.


People & Power Conferences is organized by FLED International Leadership Institute in collaboration with Future World Magazine as a public service initiative to promote citizens engagement for national development.

FLED Institute is a graduate leadership institution established in 1999. The Institute implements its mission through training, membership induction, research and Mentorship support services.

The Institute offers specialized corporate training, Organizational Development and Strategic Planning as well as in-house staff training for junior staff, senior managers and middle level staff of organizations.

 Conference Convener  

Joseph Chinenyeze Ibekwe is the Convener of People & Power Conferences.  

 If you would like to sponsor or partner with us in future Conferences, please contact:

+234 (0) 8161686242

+234 (0) 708 015 7176

Email: info@flededu.org



 … A different kind of TALK, another way to ACT


We are committed to deepening democratic values through citizens engagement.

Click here to know more about our 2020-2023 Political Engagement Plan



Tuesday November 12, 2019 



Venue:       Cyprian Ekwensi Centre for Arts & Culture, Area 10, Garki, Abuja.


The 2020 federal budget is termed budget of growth and Job creation. This year’s conference want to review the budget proposals against the need to create and sustain social stability in the nation, given the growing levels of unemployment and leading to security challenges. It shall be a time to open conversation tilted towards solutions and not to fault-finding.

To register, please follow this link


For Sponsorship & Participation, call 0803 326 1363.




The Annual Convergence of Technocrats and Leaders in Business, Politics, and Professions.


 November 9, 2018

National Merit House, Maitama, Abuja

Theme:  Creating Multi-dimensional Impact in Nigeria’s Public Space: The Challenge of Leadership



Nigeria is a huge project. It is a mass-mix of growth potentials and socio-political tragedies. Nigeria’s public space – its business and economy, politics, and the socio-cultural milieu – is in a flux. It is convulsing in the pains of under-development. The nation suffers massively from false starts and dropped batons in her leadership relay race. The Nigerian people groan daily under the weight of broken dreams occasioned by continued leadership inadequacies at all levels. Yet Nigeria is Africa’s virgin land – the epicenter of investment opportunities and a new frontier of democratic experiment.

We recognise that the 2019 General Elections will be another water-shed in the country’s democratic evolution. We understand clearly that the forth-coming elections will yet provide us another opportunity to change our leaders through the ballot box.  That is why we embarked on a nationwide political education and voter awareness campaign in 2018 with the theme “Citizens Power to Choose Responsible Leaders in a Democracy”. During the year, we have held conferences in Abuja, Lagos, Enugu, Abakaliki, etc. As is our practice, we are to conclude the nationwide voter education campaigns with a National Conference, which holds in Abuja this November with the theme “Creating Multi-dimensional Impact in Nigeria’s Public Space: The Challenge of Leadership” . Our focus is on the challenge of leadership to national development.

The Conference will raise poignant questions and seek deep, honest answers to issues, as participants engage themselves in open intellectual and moral exchanges on how to create multi-dimensional impact in Nigeria’s public space.

The 4th National People & Power Conference, 2018 will not revel in rhetoric or mere exchange of pleasantries. Participants will go to the roots, ask questions, deliberate on what matters. We expect that each participant will go away thinking differently and ready to act differently.


The Conference will focus on seven sub-thematic areas. These are:

  1. Business, Entrepreneurship and Economy
  2. Citizens Security and National Development
  3. Political Leadership and Public Service
  4. Media freedom and Democratic Development
  5. Petro-economy and Development Impacts
  6. Educational Advancement & Social stability

Conference Format

The Conference will feature Keynote Speech, Panel Presentations, Open House Session (Question & Answer), Sub-theme Work Group Sessions, Strategic Networking Reception, and Exhibitions.

Who should attend?

Professionals from all fields, politicians, parliamentarians, Security personnel, Business leaders, Media practitioners, Civil Society leaders, traditional and religious leaders, women and youth leaders, members of the diplomatic corps, Government functionaries, and others interested in Nigeria’s development, both within and outside the country.

Registration Procedures

Participants at the Conference are required to pre-register online on this website by following the link indicated at the end of this information material.



November 16 & 28, Abuja & Lagos


Theme: “Political Corruption and Democratic Stability in Nigeria: 2019 in Perspective”

The 2017 National Conference held in Abuja and Lagos on the same theme on November 16 & 28, respectively. In Abuja, Mr. Boss Mustafa, Secretary to the Government of the Federation, was the keynote speaker.


Dr. Sam Amadi, A lawyer, scholar, leadership instructor, and former Chairman, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission

Dr. Ike Neliaku, CEO @ Rightangle PR, Abuja

 Mr. Segun Ayobolu, Veteran Journalist, Editor-at Large and Member, Editorial Board at, The Nation Newspaper, Lagos.

Dr. Austin Nweze, School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos



November 12, 2016, 


Theme: Counting What Counts in the Kingdom”. 


Discussants: Dr. Sam Amadi, former Chairman, Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC); Otunba Femi Ajayi, former Executive Secretary, Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF); Dr. Sarah Jibril, former Special Advisor to President Goodluck Jonathan on Ethics and Values; and Mrs. Adun Akinyemiju, Director, Dansol Educational Organization, Lagos.



November 12, 2015 in Abuja.


Theme: “Kingdom Connections for Kingdom Impact”. 


Pastor Olu Adetomiwa, Team Leader at Vine Life Christian Centre, Akure

Ms. Chinwe Ohameze, CEO, EstherTelfid Foundation, Abuja;

Pastor Emenike Ezekwesili of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nigeria Plc.