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Starting Sunday August 15, 2021


“If you are not playing politics, politics is playing you”.

“If you are not interested in Politics, be assured that politics is interested in you”.

There is no neutrality in it.

“Politics is life and life is politics. To hate politics is to hate life. Ignorance of politics is one of the worst forms of ignorance that there is” …..Joseph Ibekwe

All around Africa, there is a growing urge for Christians to participate in politics as kingdom personalities in their respective countries. The big question is HOW can they participate?  

The issues
As a Christian, you probably have been told that Politics is dirty and not meant for decent people.
You may have been told that it is not possible to be a Christian and be a politician at the same time.
Perhaps you don’t like politics, but you would like to enjoy the outcomes of political engagements including better public policies.

The truth is that if you don’t do Politics, politics will do you.

That is why FLED INSTITUTE is offering you this rare opportunity to build your knowledge base and confidence to participate in politics as a Kingdom Personality.
This special Master Class is targeted at the following:
Christians who desire to contest in elections.
Those that would like to work for those who will be contesting in elections.
Those that want to expand their knowledge about political participation from a Biblical perspective.
Focus –  The KPG masterclass will deal on the following areas:
Why engage in Politics?
How to engage in party politics.
How to raise funds for political activities.
How to manage political campaigns.
How to develop and deploy effective political communication tools.
How to develop strong vision for political leadership.
How to Become a Public Citizen.
How to raise and manage a  Praying Team for those in Politics.

Faculty Members
Dr. Sam Amadi Former Chairman, Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission- NERC. 
Dr. Otive IgbuzorFounder, Centre for Leadership Strategy & Development, and General Overseer, Palace of Priests, Abuja.
Dr. John DaraTwo-time Presidential Candidate (2015&2019 Elections)
Dr. Austin Nweze – two-time Governorship Candidate in Ebonyi State (2016 & 2019)
Lecturer at Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University , Lagos.
Rev. Joseph C. IbekwePresident, FLED Institute
And other Faculty Members
The knowledge content for this masterclass is derived from the two books: “Politics is a Kingdom Business: How a Christian Should Do Politics“, and “The Quest for Political Leadership & Citizens Democracy: How Individuals Become Public Citizens”.

Delivery platform: The Participants and Faculty will meet online (Zoom webinar & WhatsApp), two Saturdays in a Month for 3 months.

Meeting Time: Sundays, 7: 30pm – 9:00 pm, (WAT)

Cohort 1:  April 10 – June 19 (Class is concluded)
Cohort 2:  June 12 – August 21 (Class is ongoing, Registration ended)
Cohort 3:  August 14 – Oct. 23 (Registration is on. Deadline: Aug. 7)

General Graduation Event: December 1-3, 2021,On-line and on-site in Abuja. 



The token fee is ₦20, 000/USD 45, per participant which covers the 3 months training and and the entire coaching period. This is 85% off the regular course fee of N150, 000/US320. This offer is for a limited time, and will not hold again this year.


Make direct transfer into this account:

Fled International Leadership Institute



OR Click here to PAY with your ATM Card via our Paystack platform

Register in this Master Class and become a voice and an influence in your nation’s Political turf.


Those that complete the course will be issued with Certificate in Kingdom Politics & Governance from FLED International Leadership Institute. They will also be Inducted as Good Governance Ambassadors.

For inquires, please call: +234-708 015 7175

Whatsapp: +234-803 326 1363

Christian Political Awareness Campaign 

Politics is what determines the direction of a nation’s economic prosperity and social stability. In any democratic environment, apart from registered political parties, individuals and pressure groups are constantly engaged in political activities for different reasons. The engagement of these people is what helps to shape  the political culture of that society. 
One set of people that seem to be lackadaisical about political participation is the Christians. the reason is that many sincere Christian people don’t know to what extent politics affects their life. Many believe politics is dirty and therefore not meant for decent people. Many Christians actually believe it is not possible for one to be a ‘true christian’ and also be a decent politician.
These are strong perceptions that have deterred ordinary, but capable christian people from coming forward to participate in the political processes including contesting for political positions.
As part of the 2020-2023 Strategic Political Education Programme of FLED INSTITUTE, we have initiated the Christian Political Awareness Campaign – CPAC – to address this perception issue. The campaign is  targeted at raising the political consciousness of Christians and encourage them to participate effectively in the nation’s political process, both as their civic responsibility and as kingdom expectations. 
The Campaign is also in continuation of the Institute’s political education Program started in 2015 through the nation wide People Power Conferences
There are two main activities under CPAC
The Kingdom Politics & Governance Masters Class.
Public presentations to Churches and Christian groups, online and on-site.

The Public Presentations will answer the following questions:

Why should we participate in politics?

How should we participate in politics?

What are the benefits of participating in politics?

What are the consequences of not participating in politics?

Our Target Audience

Churches, PFN, NCCF, NCGF, IFN, FGBMFI, NIFES, Christian Women’s Groups, Christian Men’s Groups, and Christian Youth Groups.

Presentation Fees

We do not charge fees to make presentation to any group anywhere, whether online or on-site

However, logistic provisions for presentation team is required.

Our team will be available to make a virtual or on-site presentations any where.

For inquiries, please call:

+ 234-708-015-7176


If you would like to support the CPAC initiative to offset cost of the campaign across the country between 2021 -2023 including the Master Classes,  logistics for presentations to special groups, the coaching, and other necessary supports to participants throughout  the campaign, please make your donation via this details:

Fled International Leadership Institute



You may also send donation via our secure online platform, PAYSTACK

Once you donate, please indicate purpose as: CPAC


All the generous financial donations, will be duly acknowledged.



We welcome interested Partners for the KPG.

For partnership information & support, call, +234-708 015 7175


18 thoughts on “Political Education Programmes”

  1. This is a step on the right direction…
    It’s high time churches and Christian group get involved in the politics of our land.
    To change the narratives we must take responsibility…
    Thank you Pastor Joseph and the FLED team for this transformation initiative.

    1. Thank you Adebambo.
      We hope to work with you to make this campaign a success.
      Please get someone you know to register for the Master class.

    2. This is a welcome development,a tool that can transform our politics and bring about good governance and political stability. More grace to the organizer of this programme.

  2. Am happy to hear or be part of this team, but I’ve read all through and yet to see the registration page. I want to enroll as a student please.

  3. This is a good initiative to learn the practical ways in politics as enumerated in the scriptures.

    1. Thank you Kazeem for your comment. We look forward to working with you to make this campaign a success.
      Please get someone you know to register for the Master Class.

  4. Absolutely the way to go, for we the church are the light and the salt of the world. How then shall the mountain of politics be lit if we shan it?

    1. That’s one of the reasons we want as many people as possible to register for this Master Class

  5. A welcome innovations. Now is the time to act,as far as taking over the land is concerned. Believers must awake and, jettison complaints regarding bad, ungodly governance.

  6. This programme is a prophetic endeavour and the Good LORD will crown the vision in tangible ways.

  7. This sound good as the name implies and a step forward, but first and foremost personal interest most be dealt with,if not, it will among to waste of time and resources. Any I will like to join, but I didn’t find any place for registration?

  8. ..Until those who hold the true sense of justice and righteousness arise, the nation and indeed the world gropes in darkness.
    Thank you FLED institute for the platform to harness and strategically channel the solutions our world so desperately needs.

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