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Politics should be the basic engagement of every citizen in any democratic society. Aristotle is reported to have said: “we are all political creatures by nature”.  However, politics and democracy may not mean exactly the same. In his recent book, Ibekwe, J.C. (2018:30), The Quest for Political Leadership & Citizens Democracy, posits that while politics thrives in exclusion, democracy thrives in inclusion. He admits that “public politics is about contest: it is a fight, a struggle for control over people, resources, opportunities, decisions and policies; while democracy is about dialogue, discussion, participation, engagements, shared visions, shared concerns, and shared responsibilities”. Writing in the same vein, Entwistle Harold in Political Education in a Democracy affirmed that democracy is a sham or at best a sort of political yo-yo unless the electorate plays an effective and considered part in determining the nature of the government.

While politics should be a basic pre-occupation of citizens, unfortunately citizens are often alienated from participation due to ignorance of how politics affects their daily lives. Everyday citizens do not understand how politics affects their capacity to be productive and be prosperous. It is a paradox that ordinary citizens want to enjoy the benefits of political activities, yet these same people hate politics. The challenge before us is how to reconcile citizens hatred for politics with their expectations to enjoy the benefits of politics which ‘politicians’ play.

Nigeria Context

Nigeria is a huge project. It is a mass-mix of growth potentials and socio-political tragedies. Nigeria’s public space – its business and economy, politics, and the socio-cultural milieu – is in a flux. It is convulsing in the pains of under-development. The nation suffers massively from false starts and dropped batons in her leadership relay race. The Nigerian people groan daily under the weight of broken dreams occasioned by continued political leadership inadequacies at all levels. Yet Nigeria is Africa’s virgin land – the epicenter of investment opportunities and new frontiers of democratic experiment. The international community including the UN, EU, and AU admit that Nigeria is the largest democracy in Africa and that what happens to democratic development in Nigeria will have wider implications for the rest of Africa and beyond. But Nigeria’s political environment appear stuffy and dangerous for many reason including financial corruption, electoral malpractices, thuggery and violence, structurally inflicted poverty and general ignorance among the electorates.

First Phase Intervention – 2015-2019

According to Article 21 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his or her country, directly or through freely elected representatives” (United Nations 1998:5). The awareness of the rights to participate and how to effectively, and responsibly participate in a democracy cannot be known and understood unless they are taught. This is why the conduct of systematic political education becomes pertinent. Indeed, it is difficult for a political democracy to survive long haul if the majority of the population remains politically ignorant and d refuse to participate in political processes.

It is against this background that Fled International Leadership Institute started its first phase of Political Education Intervention project by hosting People & Power Conferences across the country from November 2015 to November 2019. The project raised political consciousness and promoted voter awareness among the Christian Community in Nigeria, who were that main target audience for the first phase of the project. Within the period of the project, we published three books that seek to deepen knowledge about participation, namely, The Quest for Political Leadership & Citizens Democracy: How Individuals Become Public Citizens; Politics is a Kingdom Business: How a Christian Should Do Politics; and How to Do More by Being: Why a Christian Should Make Kingdom Impact”.

Second Phase Intervention2020 -2023

Sequel to the completion of the first phase of our intervention, and to consolidate on the successes attained, we propose to start the second phase of political education to focus on three key thematic areas.

  • Leadership Training
  • Promote our existing leadership training programs and enroll more potential candidates to attend our offline and online courses.

  • Voter Education
  • Develop, print and distribute Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) Informational Materials.
  • Host People & Power Conferences in different parts of the Country.
  • Conduct Voter Sensitization Meetings to share the tool on “How to Engage with Candidates during Campaigns”.
  • Develop more robust content for public engagement on our online platforms: website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, etc.
  • Begin online publication of Future World Magazine, to promote citizens engagement in the political education.

  • Advocacy

  • Develop Advocacy tools to engage potential Political Aspirants and Political leaders across the country

Implementation Milestones

We launched the online Future World Magazine on October 1, 2020. 

We have hosted the 2020, 6th Annual National People & Power Conference with the theme, “Endangered Democracy in a New World”.

We have launched an audience-specific Political Program called “Christian Political Awareness Campaign -#CPAC

We have created two online courses to train prospective candidates for political leadership. 

Transformative Leadership Course

Leadership for Politics & Public Governance Course

We are starting two online interview:

  The Public Citizen

   Leadership Discovery for Women


Partnership Opportunity

We would like you to consider partnering with us to fast-track this project. 

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Focusing on political leadership training and conscientisation

18 thoughts on “Political Education Programmes”

  1. This is a step on the right direction…
    It’s high time churches and Christian group get involved in the politics of our land.
    To change the narratives we must take responsibility…
    Thank you Pastor Joseph and the FLED team for this transformation initiative.

    1. Thank you Adebambo.
      We hope to work with you to make this campaign a success.
      Please get someone you know to register for the Master class.

    2. This is a welcome development,a tool that can transform our politics and bring about good governance and political stability. More grace to the organizer of this programme.

  2. Am happy to hear or be part of this team, but I’ve read all through and yet to see the registration page. I want to enroll as a student please.

  3. This is a good initiative to learn the practical ways in politics as enumerated in the scriptures.

    1. Thank you Kazeem for your comment. We look forward to working with you to make this campaign a success.
      Please get someone you know to register for the Master Class.

  4. Absolutely the way to go, for we the church are the light and the salt of the world. How then shall the mountain of politics be lit if we shan it?

    1. That’s one of the reasons we want as many people as possible to register for this Master Class

  5. A welcome innovations. Now is the time to act,as far as taking over the land is concerned. Believers must awake and, jettison complaints regarding bad, ungodly governance.

  6. This programme is a prophetic endeavour and the Good LORD will crown the vision in tangible ways.

  7. This sound good as the name implies and a step forward, but first and foremost personal interest most be dealt with,if not, it will among to waste of time and resources. Any I will like to join, but I didn’t find any place for registration?

  8. ..Until those who hold the true sense of justice and righteousness arise, the nation and indeed the world gropes in darkness.
    Thank you FLED institute for the platform to harness and strategically channel the solutions our world so desperately needs.

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