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Membership of Fled International Leadership Institute (Fled Institute) means a commitment to a continuing professional leadership education, development and mentoring. Members learn, earn, network and recruit.

Membership Admission is a deliberate strategy of the Fled Institute to engage a critical mass of individuals, on a long-term basis, in continuing professional leadership education, mentoring and networking. These members are systemically trained in leadership skills to enable them have a grasp on key elements of good governance. They are also deliberately cultured to become far-sighted, values-driven, creative, ethical and tolerant of human diversities. The ultimate aim is that at all times; members of Fled Institute serve as leaders and technocrats in private and public institutions where they implement the principles of transformational leadership in the wider society for Africa’s development.

Benefits of Membership

  1. You have opportunity to develop yourself into a Leadership Training Consultant
  2. You network with transformational leaders and trainers around the world.
  3. Certified Members & Fellows are qualified to serve as Faculty to the Institute and they get paid for facilitating courses.
  4. Certified and Fellows are eligible to serve as Mentors in Fled Mentoring Programme (FMP).
  5. Student Members are attached to mentors for grooming and support through FMP.
  6. All Members participate in Continuing Professional Leadership Education Programme (CPLE) of the Institute.
  7. All Members have access to the Institute’s Conferences, events, resources and publications at discounted rates.
  8. Members receive intellectual and counseling support to enhance their success in Public Service, Business and Politics.


Membership Categories

Membership of the Institute is open to any interested and qualified individuals. There are six categories of membership at the Institute. Individuals can move from one category to a higher one.

1. Graduate Member (Gmi)

This is strictly for Serving Youth Corpers (NYSC) and those with less than three years post-NYSC.  We offer a Special Corpers Fee: N10, 000 inclusive of application, pre-induction, Induction and one year membership fee.

2. Associate Member (Ami)

He/she must be a graduate (Degree/HND/NCE) in any discipline with at least three years post graduation. Mature individuals with proven years of leadership experience may also apply for Associate membership.

NOTE: To become a Certified Member, the candidate must have secured at least 100 credit points from participating in the Institute’s programmes.

3. Certified Member (Cmi)

He/she must possess a Masters degree or be a graduate with at least seven years post-graduation work experience.

NOTE: To proceed to the Associate Professional Fellowship status, the candidate must have secured at least 150 credit points from participating in the Institute’s programmes.

4. Associate Fellow (Asi)

He/she must possess a Masters degree, has held/hold leadership position at senior levels in private or public service, for no less than 10 years, and have attended a Professional Leadership Course at the Institute. Prospective candidates can pay an extra fee of N50, 000 in lieu of the Professional Leadership Course.

5. Professional Fellow (Pfi)

He/she must possess a Ph.D in any discipline, or holds a Masters degree with at least seven years post-graduation work experience, held senior level leadership position in private or public service, for no less than 20 years, and have attended a Professional Leadership Course at the Institute. A prospective candidates can pay an extra fee of N65, 000 in lieu of the Professional Leadership Course.

Note: All prospective members are required to:

  • Complete the Membership Application Form and return it with requisite fees
  • Take the online Pre-induction course organized by the Institute
  • participate in online of physical Induction Ceremony after paying requisite fees.

Due Diligence

Fled Institute has a responsibility to conduct background checks and due diligence on prospective applicants to determine their suitability of admission for membership. The Institute has the right to disqualify a prospective applicant from joining the Institute with or without any reasons. Membership of Fled Institute is a privilege and an opportunity to belong to an elite team of Transformational leaders. 

Financial Obligations


Application fee

Pre-Induction Course fee

Induction fee

Annual Membership Fee

Total Fee

Graduate Member


N2, 000

N2, 000

N2, 500

7, 000

Associate Member

N2, 000

N3, 000

N10, 000

N10, 000

25, 000

Certified Member

N3, 000

N4, 000

N10, 000

N15, 000

32, 000

Associate Fellow

N4, 000

N6, 000

N15, 000

N20, 000

45, 000

Professional Fellow

N5, 000

N7, 000

N20, 000

N25, 000

57, 000

Honorary Fellow

N50, 000



Note: Application/Pre-Induction fees are paid together at once, while Induction/Annual Membership Fees are paid at once, before Induction. We don’t accept cash payments. All payments must be in the Bank.



 Pay into this account with your NAME on the teller:

 Fled International Leadership Institute Ltd/Gte

A/C No:    002-844-3679.

Guaranty Trust Bank

If you make Bank transfers, please text payment details to 0708 015 7176

Or click here to pay via our secure platform



A member of Fled Institute is not permitted to fail in business, career, politics or any other leadership endeavour. The Institute will deploy its best resources to support and provide leverage to any of her  people to ensure they succeed in whatever leadership challenges they may face any day! At Fled Institute, Failure is Impossible! We encourage learning curves and falling forwards.


To be trained at Fled Institute is a life transforming experience. The Institute provides ambiance where Faculty, Students, Members, and Staff interact seamlessly to promote learning, earning, friendship, professional advancement, and a networked commitment to a better society. We invite you to be part of a Big Vision that is devoted to your interest.

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