What you need to know about us

The Fled International Leadership Institute is an independent professional leadership development institution established in 1999 with the goal to train and mentor transformational leaders and technocrats who will be able to lead national transformations. The Institute was established to specifically address the problem of low quality leadership in the public and private sectors in Africa, which has resulted in widespread under-development. The Institute implements its mission through continuing professional leadership education, capacity building, membership induction, mentorship opportunities, and research.

What is the Legal Status?

Fled International Leadership Institute was incorporated in Nigeria on January 21, 2010 as a Company Limited by Guarantee. It is approved by the Federal Ministry of Education to provide leadership education and to professionalize the field of leadership development in Nigeria.

What is the Mission Statement?

The Institute’s mission is “To enhance human capital infrastructure through continuing professional leadership education, mentorship and research”.

Our mission has three components:

  1. To use leadership and entrepreneurial education to promote national transformation.
  2. To use mentoring as a tool to promote responsible followership and build the capacity of individuals to participate in development processes.
  3. To use research to reduce conflict, build peace, and enhance good governance in Nigeria and around the world.

How is the Mission Implemented?

The Institute implements its mission through academic leadership education, capacity building, membership induction, mentorship, and research.

What is Our Corporate Values?

Knowledge, Professionalism, and Excellence

We Believe:

That development in all its ramifications begins and ends with the God in people;

That people are the change agents in the society they live;

That people should always strive to acquire relevant life skills to enable them contribute to the development of their society; and

That every person has the responsibility to help make his/her society a better place for people of goodwill to live in

Benefits of Membership

  • You have opportunity to develop yourself into a world-class transformational leader and trainer through the numerous capacity-building programmes and networking opportunities provided by the Institute.
  • Certified Members & Fellows are qualified to serve as Visiting Faculty to the Institute with attendant benefits.
  • Associates, Certified and Fellows are eligible to serve as Mentors in Fled Mentoring Programme (FMP).
  • Student Members are attached to mentors for grooming and support through FMP.
  • All Members participate in Continuing Professional Leadership Education Programme (CPLE) of the Institute.
  • All Members have access to the Institute’s Conferences, events, resources and publications at discounted rates.

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