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There are two important investments for your long-term success

  • Leadership development &
  • Multi-disciplinary Networks

FLED INSTITUTE gives you access to both!


Every society needs leaders. Leaders create vision, create cultures and harness human and material resources to promote development.

Society is multi-dimensional. Leaders that seek to make a difference in society must also become multi-dimensional.

Multi-dimensional leaders are referred to as transformational leaders. Africa is in short supply of transformational leaders.

For over 20 years, FLED International Leadership Institute has provided training in leadership, networking opportunities and peer-learning experiences for a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural cream of professionals.

We are delighted to invite you to Become a Member of the Institute to Network with transformational leaders around the world.


At the February 2021 Induction in Abuja

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Take a Chance! 

We are delighted to invite you to  the ecosystem of multi-disciplinary cream of professionals who belong to FLED Institute.

Membership Benefits

The Institute offers you platform as a resource person to speak, teach and facilitate at the Institute’s programmes. 

You enjoy the fellowship and network of a multi-disciplinary, continent-wide membership of professionals.

Fellows serve as Mentors in Fled Mentoring Programme (FMP).

You participate in Continuing Professional Leadership Education Programme (CPLE).

You have access to the Institute’s Conferences, events, resources and publications at discounted rates.

You receive diverse supports to enhance your success in Public Service, Business and Politics.

Members after their induction in Abuja

Membership Categories

1. Graduate Member (Gmi)

This is for final year under-graduate students in tertiary Institutions and those with less than three years post-graduation experience.  Registration fee: N15,000, ($40). Annual Renewal fee: N5, 000 ($13)

2. Associate Member (Ami)

He/she must be a graduate in any discipline with at least three years post graduation. Mature individuals with proven years of leadership experience but with less academic qualifications may also apply for Associate membership.  Registration fee: N25,000, ($65)Annual Renewal fee: N7,500 ($19).

3. Certified Member (Cmi)

He/she must possess a Masters degree or be a graduate with at least seven years post-graduation work experience.  Registration fee: N40,000, ($105), $84. Annual Renewal fee: N12,500 ($32)

Members of Fled Institute take time off to share meal together.

4. Associate Fellow (Asi)

He/she must possess a Masters degree, has held/hold leadership position at senior levels in private or public service, for no less than 10 years. Registration fee: N60, 000,  ($155). Annual Renewal fee: N15, 000 ($39)

5. Professional Fellow (Pfi)

He/she must possess a Ph.D in any discipline, or holds a Masters degree with at least ten years post-graduation work experience, and has held senior level leadership position in private or public service, for no less than 15 years.  Registration fee: N75, 000, ($195)Annual Renewal fee: N20, 000 ($52)

6. Distinguished Fellow (Dfi)

A Senior Public Servant, Politician, Business or Religious leader who has spent no less than 30 years in senior leadership position, with a minimum of Masters degree. Registration fee: N90, 000 ($231).  Annual Renewal fee: N25, 000 ($64).

7. Honourary Fellow (Hfi)

Honourary Fellows are senior citizens and outstanding individuals in society who are nominated for recognition by the Institute because of their contributions in the fields of business, governance, arts, academics, etc. This is strictly by nomination. Minimum contribution in support of the Institute is N250, 000 ($642). Annual Fellowship Renewal: N25, 000 ($64)

There is non-refundable application fee of N5,000

Make the payment into this account, then fill the form below:

 Fled International Leadership Institute Ltd/Gte

A/C No:    002-844-3679.

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We also accept payments with your Debit or ATM card through paystack.


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Once we receive your payment, we shall send you Pre-induction materials to prepare you for induction.

Membership Induction

Because of the COVID-19 protocols, we now hold online and physical induction ceremonies for qualified members into the Institute.


We democratize knowledge so that you can understand the nature of society, how society works, and how society inter-connects.

We groom you to become a public intellectual who creates knowledge for social progress.

We support you to become a Public Citizen who works with others to revitalize society and establish norms.

We train you to become a transformational leader who makes inclusive development possible in order to stabilize society.


We democratize knowledge.

We groom public intellectuals.

We support individuals to become public citizens.

We train you to become a Transformational leader.

FLED INSTITUTE nurtures an ecosystem of transformational leaders across Africa.

Our people make inclusive development possible.

They stabilize their own society.


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We look forward to your joining this prestigious leadership development Institute.


At FLED Institute, we consider Failure, impossible!  We always deploy our best resources to support and provide leverage to our members to enable them succeed in their professions, careers and public service.


The Institute provides ambiance where Faculty, Students, Members, and Staff interact seamlessly to promote learning, earning, friendship, professional advancement, and a networked commitment to a better society. 


FLED INSTITUTE is the foremost Graduate Leadership School in Africa. We nurture leaders to think and to work for a better global society. Working in Nigeria since 1999.


A lasting experience