Mandatory Continuing Professional Development – MCPD


Membership of FLED Institute means a commitment to life-long leadership development and mentoring. Therefore, to enable members get ahead, achieve their goals, and gain personal and professional recognition, the Institute offers opportunities for Professional development and networking. We have created diverse programs which members are expected to participate in as part of Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD).

Credit points are also earned through attending and participation in other programs including Seminars, Workshops, Mentoring assignments, and serving as Faculty at the Institute’s Training Programs.

The Annual MEMBERS & ALUMNI Conference/MCPD is the ultimate. This Conference holds in August every year. It attracts 10 Credit Points for each participant.  Credit Points (CP) accumulates for the member, which enables the member to advance and move up levels in the Institute. Members can participate in development programs online or onsite.

How Members of the Institute Earn Credits

 There are different ways members earn credits. These include:

1. Academic Programs 20
2. Non-academic Development Program 10
3. Leadership Certification Course/Program 15
5. Annual August MCPD 10
5. Faculty-in-Training Program (FiT) 10
6. FLED Master Classes & other events/programs 5
7. FLED Mentorship Program 5
8. Facilitation at FLED Programs 10
9. Other Programs Credits are assigned as par the program

Earning credits is one of the ways a member moves from a lower membership category to a higher one. For example, if someone joins as a Graduate Member, if that person consistently participates in the Institute’s programs, he/she can move up to become a Certified Member over time, without necessarily getting additional higher educational qualifications.

Earning higher credit through Program’s participation also helps to determine those that could be invited on a more regular basis to carry out assignments on behalf of the Institute.

Benefits/Consequences of MCPD

MCPD helps you to learn, to grow and prepares you to demonstrate the principles of transformational leadership wherever you find yourself.

Failure to participate or attend MCPD programs for one year could lead to the suspension of membership.


Watch out for ongoing MCPD programs as they are advertised from time to time.

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