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The 20th century was defined by human rights struggles. The 21st century will be defined by the delivery of equal rights for men and  women in the public space. In all spheres of society, leadership appears to have a certain image: the male image. Perhaps that explains why in his book Leadership is Male (1988), David Pawson posits that “Patriarchal society is a reflection of divine fatherhood”.  However, Joan Martin (1996) in her own book Is Leadership Male?, interrogates Pawson’s assertion, saying that leadership is gender-blind. This is an ongoing debate. With the growing convergence of leadership and gender in global development discourses, it becomes imperative that we expand the discussions and align it correctly in order promote gender in political participation.  

 It is for this reason that Fled International Leadership Institute set up the Leadership Discovery for Women (LD4W).  This is part of the Institute’s Strategic Political Education Programme.

LD4W is an initiative that prepares women to effectively participate in politics. The platform is for women who desire to enter mainstream politics.  The aim is to systematically build the leadership competence of women to participate in politics through training and social learning.


LD4W platform

  • Shall host online leadership clinics and mentoring to increase political conscientisation among women; discuss issues on political skills, political campaigns, lobbying skills, funds mobilization, media exposure, building political support base, and more.
  • Shall organise regular Offline Leadership Retreats and Networking receptions


Target of LD4W 

The platform will work to increase the number of women in political leadership positions as follows:

2023 2027 2031
a.   A female Vice President

b.  4 Female State Governors

c.  20 Female Senators

d. 40 House of


a.   6 Female State


b.   25 Female Senators

c.   70 Female House of


a.   Female President

b.   8 Female State Governors

c.   35 Female senators

d.   100 Female House of Representatives


What to Do.                                                                                     

If you are interested in building your leadership competence for politics, we invite you to join the Platform.

Join the Platform for free until December 2021. There are numerous benefits of membership including support for your political engagement, irrespective of your political party. 


LD4W Online Show

 What is about?

Each edition of the Show features guest interviews, discussions, and experience-sharing from guests about women’s participation in politics and public life in Nigeria. 

The show seeks to answer the following questions and more:

  • What challenges women face in political life?
  • How do we get more women and young women to get in party politics?
  • How to women raise support for themselves to overcome challenge they face in public life?
  • How can we can make Nigeria politics more gender balanced?


The Show is broadcast on live Facebook and Future World Live on Podcast.


The Show is broadcast every Fortnight, on Saturdays at 11: 00am – 12:00noon, West Africa Time


The Public Citizen is anchored by Amb. Chinenye Amene and co-hosted with Joseph C. Ibekwe, the publisher of Future World Magazine.

Show Structure

The Show is flexible, interactive and full of fun. Guests speak with liberty while the host will guides discussions.


Guest participation at the show is wide and open particularly for women. Guests are invited from different strata of society and different political affiliations.

Start date

Saturday January 23, 2021

Sponsorship Support

The Show is open for partnership and sponsorship. For information, please call:+234 (0) 708 015 7176

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