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All around Africa, there is a growing urge for Christians to participate in politics in their respective countries. The big question is HOW can they participate?

“If you are not playing politics, politics is playing you”.

“If you are not interested in Politics, be assured that politics is interested in you”.

“Politics affects your life. To hate politics is to hate what determines your liberty. Ignorance of politics is one of the worst forms of ignorance that there is” – Joseph Ibekwe


Title:  Kingdom Politics & Governance Course

Code:  KPGC

Duration:   3 Months (Online, two Sunday Evenings in a Month)

Subsidized fee:  ₦30,000 (Inclusive of tuition, books & other resource materials)

Actual Course fee:  ₦75,000

Delivery platform: Online (Zoom/Facebook/WhatsApp)

Sundays: 7:30pm -9:30pm


Politics determines the direction of a nation’s economic prosperity and social stability. In any democratic environment, apart from registered political parties, individuals and pressure groups are constantly engaged in political activities for different reasons. The engagement of these people is what helps to shape the political culture of that society. 

One set of people that seem lackadaisical about political participation is the Christians. The reason is that many sincere Christian people do not know to what extent politics affects their life. Many believe politics is dirty; therefore, it is not for decent people. Many Christians actually believe it is not possible for one to be a ‘true Christian’ and be a decent politician.

This is one of the reasons, God laments that His people ‘perish for lack of knowledge’, in this case, contextual knowledge about politics.

Course Description

Kingdom Politics & Governance Course (KPGC) is a carefully developed curriculum by FLED International Leadership Institute to broaden the visionary capacity of Christian Politicians to participate in public politics as a long-term engagement, and to prepare them for in-depth public leadership roles. It builds their confidence to participate in politics as Kingdom Personalities. The Course also builds the knowledge base of Pastors and Ministers to enable them effectively communicate and handle political issues to their people without being partisan.

Who Should Attend?

  • Pastors/Ministers who want to understand God’s Perspective on Partisan Politics
  • Christians who would desire to contest in elections
  • Those that want run Political Support Groups for those contesting in elections
  • Those that want to expand their knowledge about political participation from a Biblical perspective.

What Will You Get From Participating?

You will learn the following:

  • Why engage in Politics?
  • How to engage in party politics
  • How to raise funds for political activities
  • How to manage political campaigns
  • How to develop and deploy effective political communication tools
  • How to develop strong vision for political leadership
  • How to Become a Public Citizen
  • The Dynamics of Governance in a Multi-religious society
  • The Spiritual Dimensions of political participation
  • How to Handle the issue of Godfatherism in Politics
  • How to Build Political family

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the Course, participants will accomplish any or a combination of the following objectives:

  • Explain why a Christian should engage in Politics & God’s View on Political participation
  • Identify the benefits of participation & consequences of non-participation in politics
  • Explain how to engage in party politics, create & nurture Political Families
  • Describe the concept of Kingdom Politics and its application in the public space
  • Develop enhanced capacity to raise funds for political campaigns
  • Explain how to develop strong vision for long-term political participation

 Reading Materials:


  1. Politics is a Kingdom Business: How a Christian Should Do Politics
  2. The Quest for Political Leadership & Citizens Democracy: How Individuals Become Public Citizens.


  1. Key Scriptures on Politics & Governance
  2. Becoming a Public Citizen
  3. The Sheep & Wolf Principle
  4. Keys to Effective Political Leadership
  5. How to Manage Political Campaigns
  6. Online Engagement for Christian Political Figures

Payment Guide

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FLED International Leadership Institute



Description: KPG Course

Faculty Members

Dr. Sam AmadiFormer Chairman, NERC.

Pastor John DaraTwo-time Presidential Candidate (2011&2019 Elections)

Dr. Austin Nweze – Two-time Governorship Candidate (2015&2019 Elections) in Ebonyi State, Lecturer at Lagos Business School.

Rev. Joseph C. IbekwePresident, FLED Institute

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Bonus: Participants that complete the course will have a chance to be Inducted into the Prestigious FLED Institute

Course Certification

At the completion of the Course, successful participants will be issued with Certificate in Public Politics & Governance.

For inquiries, contact:

FLED Institute

Plot MF57 Cadastral Zone (KMC Hotel)

Karu Site, Abuja – Nigeria.

Tel/Whatsapp: +234 – 708 015 7176.


Testimonials from previous participants

“I’m impressed with the calibre of resource persons and their hands on experiences. They taught us what no text book can ever teach us”.  Dumebi Owa


“I learned how to become a public citizen, a prerequisite to becoming a good politician”. Ogunwale Bamidele


“My perception on Politics before this program was that, politics is a dirty game and must be left to those who know how best to play it. Now I have a better understanding that politics is God’s business, therefore good people are needed to get into politics to sanitize the environment as Representatives of God here on Earth”. Justina Kambi-Maji DIKEOCHA 

About Us

FLED International Leadership Institute (FLED Institute) is a graduate leadership school with the mandate to train leaders and entrepreneurs for Africa’s transformation. FLED Institute was established on August 15, 1999 and incorporated in Nigeria on January 21, 2010 as a private Company Limited by Guarantee under the Companies and Allied Matters Act CAP 59, Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (RC: 865275)

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