Invitation to become an Impact Investor in the Proposed

FLED International University

Dear Friend,

My name is Rev. Dr. Joseph Chinenyeze Ibekwe.  I am a leadership development coach with over 30 years professional experience as a Communications Strategist; Gender Specialist; Journalist, and Publishing Author. I am also the Lead Pastor at Graced Family Chapel, Abuja.

In April 1995, following an Empowerment Mandate from God, we established an NGO called, Foundation for Leadership & Education Development, FLED. The NGO has been devoted to building the capacity of women and youths to participate in development processes through training, public education and advocacy.

Later in August 1999, we also established FLED International Leadership Institute; a public leadership think tank and research institution.

In 2021, we decided to scale up our leadership development mandate, by proposing the establishment of FLED International University (FiU), to offer postgraduate leadership education in Africa.

We are set up to train, nurture and produce transformational leaders in Africa.

Our mission is to become the premier post-graduate Open University in Africa, combining online learning with face-to-face delivery to graduate transformed public leaders.  

University Approval 

The processing for approval and licensing of the University is already with Nigerian Universities Commission – NUC.

Dear investor,

If you have ever thought about investing in education in Africa or owning a University, here is the opportunity.  We invite you to be an Impact Investor in the proposed FLED International University.

As an investor, you understand that your immediate interest is not in financial Returns on Investment, but on the legacy of being a part owner of a University, with the other benefits.

Please note: FiU is a Private Open University, and being Open, we have wide latitude to admit qualified students from around Africa and beyond.

In other words, we shall not have shortage in enrollments. That’s why we invite you to invest NOW!

Take the Step! Buy into the future! 


The investment window open from January 2023 to December 2024.  Within this period, individuals and corporate organizations are invited to become Impact Investors in the Proposed FLED International University. After this period, the windows closes.

As an individual, you could invest for yourself or your children. As a corporate organization, you also invest in the University and be duly recognized. 

Investors have 24 months to offset their investment pledge. Choose your category.

Individual Investors

Gold: N360 – 700k/$800 – 1,000

Benefit: Your name will be listed in the University annals as an investor. You receive rebate if you opt to enrol for Maters or PhD Program at the University. The University will celebrate your birthday and other achievements in our newsletter and relevant online platforms.

Diamond: N800k – 1.5m/$1,500 – 2,500

Benefit: You could become a visiting scholar, visiting researcher, visiting fellow, visiting lecturer, or visiting professor to the university to teach, lecture, or perform research at the University.

Platinum: N2m – 3.5m/$5,000 – 7,000

Benefit:  A Program at the University could be named after you. You could recommend someone for admission into the University with a rebate.

Corporate Investor

Gold: N3m -5m/$8000 – 10,000

Benefit: The name of your company/organization will be listed in the University annals as investor.

Diamond: N6m – 10m/$15,000 -20,000

Benefit: Qualified staff of your organization could be admitted to run their programs at rebates. A Program in the University could be named after your organization.

Platinum: N10m – 20m/$20,000 – 40,000

Benefit:  The name of your organization will be engraved in one of the University’s Structures. Qualified staff of your organization will be admitted to run their programs at rebates.


You could also make direct transfer to this account:

Foundation for Leadership & Education Development – FLED

Naira: 2242038028.

USD$: 2243061852.


Description: Impact Investor.


Click here to INVEST via our secured online platform 


  • You will become a part-owner of the University for ever.  This is a legacy that is transferable to your children.
  • You could also be admitted, based on your qualification, to become a visiting scholar, researcher, fellow, lecturer, or professor to teach, lecture, or perform research at the University, with the requisite financial benefits.
  • You could register for post-graduate program at the University and recommend a qualified candidate for admission at a rebate fee. Your recommendation as a part-owner carries weight.
  • A Program or Professional Chair could be named after you or your organization in the University.
  • Your name or the name of your organization could be placed on any of the University’s Physical Infrastructures or Study Centres in any location

Funds Application

5o% of the funds received within this period will be deployed to programs development, technology acquisition, marketing and students recruitment. The rest 50% will be devoted to infrastructural development, establishment of Study Centres, Staff and  Faculty development.

Investor Authentication

Every investor will be issued a Certificate, authenticating that they are Impact Investors in the University.

We invite you to become a Part Owner of the Proposed FLED International University!

I look forward to welcoming you into our University as an Investor.

Thank you so much.

Rev. Dr. Joseph C. Ibekwe, FSGS



If you require more information, please contact


Tel: +234-8161684262

WhatsApp: +234-708 015 7176


Welcome to you!

… Enjoy a lasting experience