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Here is our brief story and some of the things we are doing presently.

Foundation  for Leadership & Education Development – FLED, started in 1995 with the simple mandate to empower individuals who will built better societies by demonstrating exemplary leadership in their private and public lives.

At the outset, we an adopted entrepreneurial attitude to our social mission which required us to think of ways to offer the highest possible value to the greatest number of people at the lowest possible cost.

Over the years, we have set up FLED International Leadership Institute, which now focuses on leadership certifications and induction of qualified professionals into public leadership.

We just launched FLED Future Leaders Program, which aims to groom and nurture a new crop young leaders for public life. It comprise three distinct programs, namely

FLED Young Ambassadors Program for secondary school students.

FLED Campus Leadership Program, which is an intensive leadership immersive program for undergraduate students, 6-12 months in duration.

FLED Graduate Leadership Program, which is a mentorship and skills-building program for fresh graduates, 6-12 months in duration..

 The good news is that our programs are continent-wide, and we are constantly creating and innovating.

Costs for our work are made possible from gifts from our friends, Alumni, associates, well-wishers and from cost-recovery charges we place on some of our programs.

We want you to support us to create greater impact.

We have a track record of social entrepreneurship in Africa. Give to support us!

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