Fellows of the Institute

There are three categories of Fellows at FLED Institute.

  1. Associate Research Fellow & Senior Research Fellows –The Institute admits Research Fellows (RF) in residency to conduct in-depth research on diverse issues including Conflict and peace-building, gender & development, political & corporate governance, Social Impact, poverty and development. Outcome of such research are published for public consumption.
  1. Associate & Professional Fellows – These are inducted members who may or may not serve as Faculty at the Institute.
  2. Honourary Fellows – These are distinguished persons inducted into the Institute on account of accomplished works in their career, professions, public and private service. They may or may not serve as Faculty. They may also be appointed to serve on the Governing Council of the Institute.

College of Fellows

The above three categories of Fellows form the Institute’s College of Fellows, whose role is to promote the intellectual content of the Institute’s work.