The Graduate Leadership School




The FLED International Leadership Institute is a graduate Leadership School established in August 1999 and incorporated in Nigeria on January 21, 2010 as a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee under the Companies and Allied Matters Act CAP 59, Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and Federal Ministry of Justice to professionalise the field of leadership education and to train transformational leaders and technocrats for Africa. The work of the Institute is divided into four main categories:

  • Academic & Non-Academic Training programmes
  • Membership Induction
  • Research
  • Ancillary programmes

The Institute delivers its training programmes through a multi-disciplinary team of Faculty, each with leadership experience in business, public service, corporate governance, and academia.

Criteria for Faculty Selection

A prospective Faculty must meet the following minimum requirements:

Must hold an advanced degree in any discipline or first degree with proven years of leadership exposure.

Must have at least five years of experience as a trainer or lecturer (Associate Faculty, exempted)

Must have attended a leadership or Management Course in a recognised Institution

Must be ready to travel occasionally to facilitate training programmes

If not yet a Member, should be ready to be inducted as a Member of FLED International Leadership Institute.

Responsibility of Faculty

To teach/facilitate at different training programmes organized by the Institute

Able to develop course curricula and be involved reviewing the Institute’s training programmes

Able to serve Mentor students attending the Institute’s Programmes through FLED Mentoring Programme (FMP)

 Faculty Designation

There are three Faculty designations

Resident Faculty is a full-time faculty at the Institute, taking other responsibilities apart from programmes facilitation.

Visiting Faculty is not on full-time, but performs all the functions of Faculty as outlined above.

Associate Faculty– This is an up-start leadership trainer who may serve on full or part-time basis.

 Faculty Compensation

FLED International Leadership Institute provides reasonable and competitive compensation to its Faculty for services rendered at the Institute according to approved Faculty Payment Plan. The Institute’s payment rates are reviewed every two years.

 Faculty Orientation

In almost all cases, Faculty members undergo an in-house orientation – online or offline – to acquaint then with the operations, values and boundaries of the Institute’s work.  The orientation also gives attention to the dynamics of leadership facilitation as against management training and conventional teaching models in higher educational institutions.  The Institute’s give greater attention to experience-learning, inquiry, and problem-solving learning approaches.


It is expected tat newly recruited Faculty should apply to be Inducted into the Institute as Members, during the next available Induction Ceremony. This guarantees their full acceptance into the Institute. Newly recruited Faculty members are given special Induction considerations.

Faculty Tenure

Appointment as a Faculty at FLED Institute is non-tenured, that means, it has no time limit. One can remain a Faculty at the Institute as long he/her continues to meet Faculty evaluation requirements.  A Faculty is at liberty to withdraw from the Institute, provided a minimum of three (3) months notice is given to make for easy transition. The Institute also has the right to disengage a Faculty who does not meet up with Faculty requirements or displays unprofessional or unethical conducts. Such disengagement will be communicated to the affected Faculty in a most respectful manner.

Faculty Evaluation

Faculty members are expected to participate in the Institute’s continuing professional leadership education programmes. They are routinely evaluated to ascertain their continuing improvements and contributions toward the realization of the Institutes programmatic objectives, and in line with their terms of engagement. Faculty members are expected to accumulate Credit hours through participation in training/facilitation, mentoring support engagements and participation in curriculum development and review of programmes.

 Application for Faculty

Individuals who feel qualified can apply to join the Faculty of the Institute, any time.

Send in a cover letter stating reasons for applying to serve as Faculty at the Institute

Attach a Current CV and photo.




Do you have great experience in a particular field and think that it is time to share your experience with students at FLED International Leadership Institute, Abuja? Then apply for the position of a Faculty and become a member of our Faculty team!

The FLED International Leadership Institute offers online Academic and non-academic Programmes.


We are currently looking for professionals specializing in one of the topics below:

Business Strategy,

Political Communications,

Public Speaking,

Personal Leadership Development,


Strategic Communication,

The Art of Negotiations,

Networking/How to Network?,

Intercultural Communication and Management,

Institutional Governance,

Diversity Management,

Holistic Resources Management,

Community Development,

Political Leadership,

Systems/Scenario Thinking,

Polarity/Catalytic Thinking

Social Impact & Sustainability,

New Media, and

Other topics related to transformational leadership and governance


University level of education

Minimum 3 years of experience teaching at university or Teaching Professional Programmes.

Good communication skills

The ability to design the course yourself


We accept applications from candidates from any country.

If you are interested in becoming one of our faculty – please send your CV and motivation letter to:

Indicate Faculty Designation, of interest.

In the text of the email please indicate the course/courses from the list that you could teach.


There is no deadline. We are always looking for new professionals to join our team!


You can call +234 708 015 7176


For more information, please contact:

The Registrar

FLED International Leadership Institute

Suite 35, Vicdondom Plaza, Karu District, Abuja, Nigeria.