FLED Graduate University is proposed to be a specialised private University offering Postgraduate education in the areas of Media/Journalism, Education, Entrepreneurship, ICT and Digital Technology, Politics & Governance, etc.

The quest for the establishment of FLED  Graduate University is in continuation of the vision of the Board of Foundation for Leadership & Education Development – FLED – to provide advanced educational opportunities to graduate world-class transformational leaders who have intellectual capacity, leadership skills and holistic global worldview to address development challenges in Nigeria and Africa.

FLED Graduate University shall be an advanced institution of multidisciplinary learning and research, preparing highly skillful and pragmatic industry leaders, political leaders, and academic leaders for the transformation of Africa.


To actualise the University project and engage in related projects, we have launched a US $9.4million FLED Institutional Development Fund – 2025. 


We ask you to kindly donate to make this vision reality:

A/c Name: Fled International Leadership Institute Ltd/Gte

A/c No. 0028443679

Bank: GTBank

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The Fund is to help us complete the following projects:

A 3-storey Academic Building  with Training/Seminar rooms of capacities between 50 and 100 each.

A 1000 – capacity Conference hall and another 150-capacity hall.

An Administrative block with e-library.

Construct a 500-room Hostel/lodging facility with restaurant.

Recreational lounge & sporting facilities within the University.

Other Infrastructural facilities.


Your money goes directly to what it is meant for– We put resources where they are meant and keep track of our supporters.

Accountability is built into our model– We are answerable to our partners and supporters. All monies donated are accounted for, regarding beneficiaries and projects executed with them. We are open to scrutiny.

We are unique and focused – We are focused and deliberate in our work.  We approach our work from a multi-disciplinary perspective. We deploy the best available technology to deliver our programmes and services, thereby reducing cost of overhead.

We win Together – It’s about all of us. When you partner with us, we win together.  We win together when one life gets transformed because you gave seed money to someone to start a business; or supported another person to achieve their dream, and made it possible for several others to receive the good news about destiny; while we provided the services. That’s how we win together with you.

People and Opportunities– FLED stands for people and opportunities. We are committed to building lives and empowering people to live out their dreams. This is the sweet spirit that drives our work.  We invite you to share in this sweetness through your financial support as you become a FLED PARTNER, today!

Ways to donate

You can make a quick one-off donation or set-up regular giving schedule for any of the partnership options.

Once you give, please fill out the donation form and indicate what you would like your donation to be used for.

All our Partners will be duly acknowledged; will be given regular reports on progress of work; an invited to FLED Partner’s Dinner.

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If you require more information about University project, please contact

Joseph C. Ibekwe, FSGS


Tel: +234 803 326 1363, +234 708 015 7176

Email: university@flededu.org

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