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Leadership Consulting is a rapidly expanding professional field of human capacity development, heading after Management Consulting.  

Leadership Consulting and practice requires broad-based knowledge, critical thinking and sharp facilitation skills. A Professional Leadership Consultant should possess a set of core competencies that enables him to function effectively as a Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor and Coach.  By competency, we mean those abilities, skills, values, expertise, capabilities and aptitudes that are required to function as a professional resource person in the multi-disciplinary field of leadership consulting.

The prelude to the certification is the enrollment in and completion of the Professional Leadership Certification Program – PLCP. The Program is designed to impart a repertoire of skills and values required to certify one as a professional leadership consultant.


The PLCP is divided into three stages, taken separately and sequentially. At the completion of each stage, an evaluation test is administered. The Certification Examination comes at the end of stage 3.

Course Content

S/N Course Title Course Code Learning Expectation
PLC Stage 1
1 Personal Competency Mapping PLC 611 Participants will be able to identify their specific personal competencies and how build on them for effectiveness
2 Grooming & Self-esteem for Leadership PLC 612 Participants will identify elements of good grooming and demonstrate balance self-esteem required for leadership
3 Theories & Concepts in Leadership PLC 613 Participants will identify four key leadership theories, and distinguish between leadership & management.
4. Total Quality Leadership Values PLC 614 Participants will be able to identify and internalize the values that sustain leadership.
5 Principle of Catalytic Thinking in Leadership Practice PLC 615 Participants will be able to imbibe the idea of “Enoughness”.
PLC Stage 11
6 Leadership, Governance & Poverty PLC 616 Participants will be able to identify how leadership and governance determine the level of poverty in society.
7 Assertive Communication Skills PLC 617 Participants will develop ability to maintain independent opinion, to express oneself freely without fear or intimidation and clarify the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness.
8 Principles & Practice of Leadership Facilitation PLC 618 Participants will distinguish between teaching, lecturing and facilitation. They will learn how to conduct Public Issues Forums.
9 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Leadership PLC 602 Participants will explore and establish the ‘real business of leadership’, the elements of true leadership, and what public leadership and business entrepreneur should have in common.
PLC Stage 111
10 Diversity Management in Public Leadership PLC 619 Society is complex. The richness and potential strength of any society is in its diversity. Participants will explore how to harness and manage cultural, social religious and ethnic diversity for sustainable development.
11 Principles & Practice of Mentoring & Coaching PLC 620 Participants will distinguish between Mentoring and Coaching; learn practical aspects of mentoring and coaching and the business side of Coaching.
12 Ethics of Professional Practice PLC 601 Participants will identify and internalize the Code of Practice and ethical behavior requisite to function as a Certified Professional Leadership Consultants.
13 Project PLC 603 Participant will be able develop a Paper for public presentation.

Minimum Qualifications for Enrollment

 First Degree in any discipline with at least 10 years post-graduation work experience

Program Duration – Each stage of the program is taken separately. A Candidate could decide to run through the 3 stages progressively, without break or take one stage, stay off for a while and return to complete the other stages. It depends on the candidate.

Classes hold online and Onsite at special locations as announced from time to time.

Examination: This holds online and onsite.

Application fee: 5,000/$10 

Tuition: N40, 000/$80 for each stage (payable at once or in two installments)

Rebate: Inducted Members of FLED Institute receives 30% Tuition rebate. Instead of N40, 000/$80, they pay N28, 000/$56 

Please Note: There is no exemption for any candidate seeking Certification as a Professional Leadership Consultant. It does not matter what you may have attained academically or professionally, if you desire to obtain the certification, then you must compete the 3 stages of the PLC Program. 

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Benefits of Certification

  • Certified Professional Leadership Consultants have the approval to attach the abbreviation – cplc – to their names.
  • You are qualified to offer the following services, on a professional basis:
  • Leadership Training/facilitation
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Institutional Strategic Planning
  • Serve as Consultant to Government and public institutions on matters of leadership development.
  • You join a network of Professional Leadership Consultants around the world.
  • You could serve as a Faculty Members at FLED Institute
  • You participate in Continuing Professional Leadership Development (CPLDP), at FLED Institute.
  • You have access to FLED Institute’s Conferences, events, resources and publications at discounted rates.

The PLC Certification Examination is conducted by FLED International Leadership Institute as part of the Institute’s educational programs.

FLED Institute is a graduate leadership school established in 1999 to train leaders and technocrats to lead national transformations. The Institute is approved by Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Education to conduct Leadership Training Programs and to prepare individuals to become Certified Professional Leadership Consultants (cplc).

For inquiries, please contact:                                         

Suite 2, KMC Hotel, KMC Street

Off NNPC Filling Station

Karu Site, Abuja.

Tel: +234 (0) 708-015-7176




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