Admissions into Programmes are open throughout the year.


The Institute does not award Degrees (BSc, MSc, PhD) and Diplomas (ND, HND, NCE) or Certificates within Nigeria’s National Certificate Scheme (NCS). Candidates who complete our Academic Professional Programmes are issued with Professional Diplomas or Certificate of Proficiency while those that attend Non-Academic Programmes are issued certificates of Course Completion.


Fled International Leadership Institute promotes a ‘win-win’ relationship with her Members. We engage our own members as Faculty either as full-time or as Visiting Faculty members.  Through our multi-disciplinary team of Faculty, we deliver our Academic and non-academic programmes. Faculty members get paid for their services according to the Institute’s Compensation Plan

Research Fellows

The Institute admits Research Fellows (RF) in residency to conduct in-depth research on diverse issues including Conflict and peace-building, gender & development, politics and governance, poverty and development. The outcome of the Institute’s research endeavours are published for public consumption.