On December 2, 2021, we launched what we call FLED Beyond Borders. This is a forward-looking initiative to expand the operations of FLED International Leadership Institute to different parts of Nigeria and around Africa.

An aspect of the initiative is FLED Campus Extension Program.

We plan to establish Campuses in the 36 states of Nigeria and in 15 African countries by 2025. We are embarking on this project as we work towards to full take off of FLED Graduate University in 2025. 

In the first instance, we target to establish 10 Campuses in Nigeria in 2022. The following Cities are our priority:

  1. Lagos – 2 Campuses
  2. Port Harcourt
  3. Bauchi
  4. Gombe
  5. Jos
  6. Kaduna
  7. Owerri
  8. Enugu/Abakaliki
  9. Ilorin 

Extension Schedule

Region/Number of campuses 2022 2023 2024 2025 Total
Nigeria 10 15 11  – 36
Other African Countries 3 5 7 15

Requirements for a New Campus

A venue in a strategic location in the City Capital with a 100 capacity hall, that could be branded. If we have a 3-bedrooms bungalow, we can also start from there. This enables us to run different classes simultaneously. 

Chairs, Public Address System, Overhead projector, Two Laptops, Wifi, two Office tables, Office Cabinet.

What we Require

We need the services of the following key personnel to run the Campuses:

  • Campus Directors
  • Program Coordinators/ Assistant Coordinators
  • Faculty Members/Associate Faculty Members

Campus Extension Team

To ensure Campuses become operational, as soon as possible, we have set up Campus Extension Teams.  The Teams are responsible for making all the contacts, negotiating facilities, acquiring the materials. Each team member is expected bring to their contacts to mobilize resources and ensure the Campus takes off.

Most of the work of the team will be virtual. One or two members of the team will be on ground to do the leg work. 

Support for Campus Establishment

We will gladly receive donation of venue and facilities for this initial take off on clear terms and conditions. The Team should explore all options, but be mindful of terms that might affect the sustainability of the work. As much as possible, we should pay for what we need and only accept support that does not jeopardize the integrity of the Institute. 

For information on Campus Directors & Coordinators, click below:



If you require more information on operational modalities, please contact us at:

FLED International Leadership Institute
KMC Hotel, KMC Street, Karu Site, Abuja.
Tel: +234-8161686242

Whatsapp: +234 (0) 708 015 7176
Email: info@flededu.org

About Us

FLED International Leadership Institute is a graduate leadership school established in 1999 to train and nurture leaders and technocrats to promote the socio-political and economic transformation of Africa. The Institute implements its mission through leadership training, professional certification, membership induction, mentoring support and research. 

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