By 2025, FLED Group will be 30 years old. FLED International Leadership Institute is a member of FLED GROUP.


We are not just counting numbers. We are interested in tracking our impacts.

As part of our plans to take leadership training and development to the nooks and crannies of cities in Nigeria and Africa, we are about to launch a campaign titled FLED Beyond Borders.

While we work to consolidate on our Online Courses and Events delivery, we are opening up new campuses in major cities in Nigeria beginning from 2022.

Modalities for the take-off of the Campuses have already been developed.

We shall be requiring new faculty members to join the Institute.

For details about FLED Faculty, please click here

On the BB Campaign, our focus is on three key things:

Increased Admissions  into our Programs. For information about our current programs, click here

 Recruitment & Induction of more Members into the Institute. For Membership information, click here

Sourcing of more Financial Partners for the Institute. For Partnerdhip information, click here

The FBB Campaign will be launched in Abuja on Friday December 3, 2021.

Key Deliverable of the Campaign

Take off of FLED University by October/November, 2024.

Grow FLED Membership to 3500.

Established 20 Campuses in Nigeria and Africa by 2025. 

Have a Student population of 5,000 studying online and at our Onsite Campuses.

Our Financial Target is to raise N4.5 billion by 2025.

We Need You!

To make a success of this Campaign, we need you to sign up to any of our programs.

We need you to Become our Financial Partner.

We need you to refer your friends and associates to the Institute.

We have made it easy for you to make referrals.

Use our referral form. Click here to get started: referrals.

Let’s take FLED Beyond Borders.

Let’s do it together, starting right now.

FLED Beyond Borders

…Extending reach, amplifying impacts!

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