By 2025, FLED Group will be 30 years old. 

We are not just counting numbers. We are tracking impacts.

As part of our plans to extend our programs and services to other parts of Africa, we have launched FLED Beyond Borders. It’s actually…


  1. Establish FLED Graduate University in Abuja to offer post-Graduate programs in Leadership, Governance Entrepreneurship, etc.
  2. Complete FLED Institute Permanent Campus in Abuja with the following features:
  • 30-Lecture/Seminar rooms facility with capacities between 25 to 50 each
  • A 1000 – capacity Conference Hall, and two 150-capacity halls
  • Administrative block with e-library
  • A 100-room lodging facility with restaurant
  • Recreational lounge & sporting facilities
  1. Establish the Institute’s Mini-Campuses with requisite learning facilities in the 36 States of Nigeria and in 15 other Cities in Africa.
  2. Graduate 2000 Transformational Leaders through onsite and online academic and non-academic programs
  3. Certify 500 Professional Leadership Consultants –plc – through the Professional Leadership Certification Program (PLCG).
  4. Train 20,000 College Prefects and 3,000 Student leaders on Campuses, through the Leadership Skills Enhancement Course (LESEC).
  5. Train 1,000 Entrepreneurial leaders through the Entrepreneurship & Leadership Skills Enhancement Course (ELSE-C) and support 500 New Businesses through the Grants for Small Enterprises (GSE).
  6. Engage 1000 Mentors to provide Mentoring/Coaching support to 2,000 Emerging Leaders through FLED Mentoring Program (FMP) and Leadership Discovery for Women (LD4W) Program.

FLED is an ecosystem, a family, and there are many ways you can be part of this thriving community of transformational leaders!

There a different ways you could be part of this project. 

Become a Member of the Institute 

Become a Financial Partner 

Become a FLED Faculty Member 

Apply to receive Mentorship support 

You Could also register for any of our Master Classes

Transformative Leadership

Leadership for Politics & Governance

Kingdom Politics & Governance Master Class

Enrol for Professional Leadership Certification

Our Financial Target is to raise N4.5 billion by 2025.



FLED Beyond Borders

We welcome you!

…Enjoy a lasting experience!

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