Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership Certificate Course

An integrated curriculum that builds the capacity of emerging entrepreneurs



Starting and running small businesses in the 21st century is complicated and technology-driven. Aspiring entrepreneurs must understand the emerging trends as well as be equipped with requisite entrepreneurial leadership competencies to drive new businesses for profit, wealth creation. Training and mentorship is the key unlocking the hidden entrepreneurial potentials of people.

 FLED International Leadership Institute offers the Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership Certificate Course – BEL-C as hands-on course that takes participants through the process of identifying profitable businesses, leveraging on personal and external resources to start and sustain a business. Participants develop their business plans and are provided mentorship support until their businesses take off.                                                                   

Course Purpose

To expose participants to business and entrepreneurial competencies requisite for starting and running profitable micro, small and medium enterprises.


To help emerging entrepreneurs to create generational businesses, create wealth, and become leaders in the public space.

Course Objectives

The Course is designed to help participants to:

  • Become comfortable with idea of being Entrepreneurs
  • Make the connection between Entrepreneurship & Leadership
  • Build Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies
  • Identify stages of business development and types of business structuring
  • Develop Business Plans
  • Launch new Businesses based on the understanding of the Principle of Human Ecosystem
  • Brand themselves and their businesses
  • Sustain business growth through Mentoring & Coaching                                                                

Course Contents

  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Wealth Creation
  2. Introduction to Biblical Entrepreneurship
  3. Case Study on Biblical Entrepreneurs
  4. Problem-solving & Entrepreneurship
  5. Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PECs)
  6. How to Identify a Business Opportunities
  7. How to develop a Business Plan
  8. Business Structuring and Registration Processes
  9. Business Branding and Customer Care
  10. Biblical Profit, Business Stewardship & Money Management
  11. Mentoring/Coaching for Business Sustainability
  12. Entrepreneurs as Public Policy Influencers
  13. How structure Business for Generational Sustainability

Thematic focus

  1. Developing Leadership Mindset for personal Success
  2. Developing Entrepreneurial Competencies
  3. Developing Your Own Business Plan

Reading Texts

  1. The Richest Man in Babylon, by George S. Clason
  2. What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret, by Brian Sher
  3. Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert T. Kiyosaki
  4. The Book of Proverbs, By King Solomon
  5. The Book of James, by Apostle James
  6. Promoting Sustainable Human Development through Mentoring by Joseph C. Ibekwe

Course Delivery

  1. The course is delivered through facilitated lectures, open interactive sessions, and problem-solving activities.
  2. Business Plan Review: Business Plan Review: There will be a review of Business Plans of all participants to identify viable new businesses for immediate start up.
  3. Certificate: A Certificate in Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership will be presented to everyone that completed the Course.
  4. Follow-up/Mentoring: FLED shall provide Mentoring/Coaching for all new businesses that emerge out of the course.

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