Ancillary Programmes

The Institute provides a range of ancillary programmes to enable members engage with the public and among themselves, thereby enhancing Peer Learning. Some of the programmes include.

  1. Fled Leadership Master Classes (LMC)

The Institute holds regular leadership master classes across the country on diverse topical issues. It also serves to introduce potential candidates to the Institute’s Academic programmes, thus giving them opportunity to enroll in any of our programmes.

  1. People & Power Conferences (P&P Conference)

People & Power Conference is a national leadership think-tank that interrogates public issues in the spirit of “a different kind of TALK, another way to ACT”. The Conference, which started in 2015, is committed to expanding the space for dialogues on public issues as well as to build citizens capacity to transit from ‘private individuals’ to active ‘public citizens’.

  1. Fled Foreign Policy Dialogue (FPD)

The Foreign Policy Dialogues is a special forum for provocative and lively discussions on global development issues and their implications for Nigeria and Africa. Participants at the Dialogue analyse policy issues, question development paradigms, challenge status quos, set agenda and provide fresh perspectives on emerging issues.

  1. Fled Mentoring Programme (FMP)

The Fled Mentoring Programme, which started in 1999, provides opportunity for continuing engagement with individuals who desire to improve their leadership and professional competencies, members of the Institute. The mentoring programme helps to reinforce lessons learned, values acquired and skills developed through a structured interaction between Students, Faculty, and Members of the Institute.

  1. Membership & Alumni Support Service (MASS)

MASS exists to ensure continuing exchange among Members and Alumni of the Institute. The focus is to build understanding and shared concern among the Institute’s Members and Alumni for the transformation of Africa through good governance and entrepreneurship which becomes the basis for long-term professional co-operation and friendship.