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MARCH 22-26, 2022



Students Leadership & Democratic Culture in Africa: A Dialogue on Values

Africa will continue to need quality leaders as democracy becomes the general system of government. The  new leaders for Africa’s democratic sustenance must be deliberately developed in leadership skills and values. They also need to be connected among themselves for knowledge sharing and validation on Africa’s democratic future. 

AfCUL 2022 Summit will deliberate on democratic issues and how emerging leaders could leverage on themselves to redefine Africa’s development paradyn, beginning from the leadership activities of student leaders on campuses.

Summit Sub-themes

Students Union Politics: Lessons of Experience

Working in groups, participants will seek to figure out what is happening, why is it happening, who is responsible, what are the impacts, what needs to be changed, improved, restructured?

Capacity Building for Leadership Competencies 

Within several parallel workshop sessions, participants will learn practical skills in cross-cultural conflict resolution/mediation, decision-making, deliberative skills, Balancing gender in students leadership, etc. 

Community Engagement & Relations

This sub-theme will examine how students could increase engagement with and involvement with their host communities by way of community service, etc.

Summit Duration: 5 Days MARCH 22-26, 2022

Who Attends AfCUL SUMMIT?

Students union executives, officials of Campus Social Clubs, Representatives of Departmental Associations, Staff of Students Affairs Departments, relevant Government agency staff, representatives of International development agencies and Foreign Embassies. 

Summit Model

The Summit shall be held onsite in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital and Online via zoom or any other online platform. We shall update you on the Summit schedule, topics, venue, lodging and tours in the coming months. 

Highlights of the Summit

There will be the signing of a Charter on Leadership Ethics for Students Union Governments to promote inclusive democratic representation on different Campuses.

The Presentation of 1st AfCUL Excellence Award.

Summit Registrations

Stage 1 Registration

Indicate your interest to participate in the Summit by filling out the Pre-Summit Form below.


Stage 2 Registration

Financial Information about the Summit and Payment will be open from October 30, 2021 and close on February 15, 2022

AfCUL SUMMIT 2022 will be the largest gathering of Africa’s students leaders in the last decade. 
Plan to attend!

AfCUL Excellence Award 

AfCUL award is devoted to promoting responsible leadership among students leaders in Africa’s tertiary educational institutions. The award honours students leaders and students union groups that have demonstrated outstanding leadership competence; made significant contributions to the reduction of social violence on their campus; and whose activities have engendered healthy relationship between the students and their host campus communities.

At the core of AfCUL Excellence Award is the recognition that those honoured with this award represent a quest for excellence and unique commitment of the recipient to the service of humanity.  The laureates display these qualities to an uncommon degree. Their remarkable examples as student leaders reinforce the fact that there is a hunger in the youths with values to assert themselves when given the opportunity to serve.

In honouring them with AfCUL Excellence Award, we seek to encourage them to continue to lead exemplary lives and to inspire others to make a difference.

Award Categories


Most Resourceful Leader.

Outstanding Team Leader.

Exemplary Student Leader.

Group Award

Most Responsible Students Union Government. 

Most Resourceful Students Union Government.

Best Organized Students Union Government.

Please note that multiple awards could be given within each category as may be decided by judges.

Award  Nomination Criteria

No candidate or group may nominate himself/herself or itself for the award.

Nominated candidates or groups must be current students at the time of nomination.

Those eligible to nominate candidate or group include School authorities, students, Lecturers, or civil society organizations conversant with the activities of the nominee.



AfCUL welcomes partners and sponsors from a wide spectrum of individuals and institutions across Africa. Partnership opportunities are available based on mutually beneficial terms and conditions.

For inquiries, contact,

The Programme Director, AfCUL,

FLED Institute, Abuja – Nigeria

Tel: +234-708 015 7176



It is common knowledge that students union leaders exert enormous influence on the entire student body on Campus. It is equally true that students leaders often catalyze peace or chaos on campus depending on how responsible or recalcitrant they are. Perhaps more important is the fact that most former students union leaders emerge as public figures occupying varying leadership positions in the larger society, once out of school.

Although many African countries have emerged from dictatorial regimes into democratic society, many of their young generation have not yet imbibed democratic values. Students on Campus, particularly students union leaders, offer a pool of potential leader-resource that could be deliberately developed to take Africa’s democratic society into a sustainable level.

It is against this background that FLED International Leadership Institute initiated the AFRICA CONFERENCE OF STUDENTS UNION LEADERSAfCUL. The primary aim is to provide regular and annual platform for students  leaders from tertiary institutions in Africa to exchange ideas, share knowledge, sharpen leaderships skills and values and work together to set higher standards of democratic leadership practices in their campuses and countries.

AfCUL  is not a political movement but a youth leadership capacity development initiative of FLED INSTITUTE, implemented in partnership with other Institutions from across Africa and beyond.

AfCUL Objectives

To promote the principle of deliberative democracy and and empower student leaders on how to handle conflicts, authority/power, decision-making and portfolio management;

To provide opportunity for creative interaction and cross-fertilization of ideas among students leaders across Africa;

To promote the culture of mutual benefit between students and host communities where their campuses are located;

To engage Africa Students Leaders with other students leaders around the world in collaborative learning and projects implementation;

To recognize, promote and reward good leadership styles among students’ leaders both individually and collectively.

AfCUL Membership

Membership of AfCUL is only on institutional basis and not individual level. This means that individual students cannot apply to become a members of AfCUL. Only Institutions, that is, Institutional Student Governments or groups could apply to become a member of AfCUL.


Operational Modalities

AfCUL holds her programmes in different countries across Africa, particularly the Annual SUMMIT. Any country in Africa could apply/request to host the Annual Summit. FLED Institute, serves as the clearing house, facilitator and moderator of AfCUL operations. AfCUL events hold on-site and/or Online.  


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